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Who’s been using our card? - Day 422

One of our chillax, domestic days today, so not much to report. Well, in the end, I did have to report something. Who's been using our card?

A day of washing clothes, doing a bit of admin, and a nice walk to Lapa for Tim to having his hair cut, where they offer a free beer as part of the service. We were just about to pop out for a walk again when I checked our bank balance, and there were 4 debits that we didn’t recognise. Two were for a Hotel in USA and two were tiny amounts like £0.24 from hotels near where we stayed last weekend. Oh dear. Our card has now been blocked. Good job we have alternatives to use!

The rest of the time was getting ready for tomorrow. (Or today now). We are currently sitting on a bus from Rio de Janeiro up to Salvador…and the ride is 29 hours long. A variety of food is packed, layered clothes just in case, and a selection of things to do to while the time away. Sadly this bus isn’t a sleeper, so no comfy beds to lie on. We have a few more of these type of journeys in the next 9 days. Interesting!

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