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Whip-Crack-Away, Whip-Crack-Away (Day 95)

Updated: Feb 20, 2018

It is so good learning a new skill whilst travelling, and we never expected to learn how to crack a whip in Christchurch!

A day mostly of pottering, pottering to the local DIY shop, gardening, hoovering and picking up our friend Robin from the Airport. We drove around the City, stopping off at key spots; seeing the damaged #ChristchurchCathedral where only the pigeons come to congregate, consecrating the ruin with their corrosive droppings. Onto a much happier place, #MargaretMahyPlayground – and what a playground it is. Climbing frames, Flying fox, trampolines, swings and slides, Fountains children were running through, Archimedes screw – that Tim and Robin were turning. Great fun.

Next was a quick visit to the #CanterburyMuseum that currently has a fascinating National Geographic Exhibition of the 50 greatest photos. Oh wow! I particularly loved the ones of people and each one had a write up of the back story.

Back here, Tim had a little snooze whilst Robin and I got dinner and put the world to rights.

And then….and then Robin got his whip out – literally. His #KarakaBullWhip! Yee-Haw. So satisfying when that crack fires out – and when Robin did it – Boom! A sonic boom – breaking the sound barrier – Wow. Whip-Crack-Away, Whip-Crack-Away. Tim had a go. I could see that he wasn't doing the same as Robin, so made a few suggestions (The beauty of many years modelling people re NLP). Later that evening I thought, what the heck, let's have a go. Out in the garden, attempting to #Whip-Crack-Away. and then - Boom - I managed it too! Thrilled!

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