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What’s Sarong with that!

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

This is one for the ladies! One of the best garments I have brought travelling with me is my lovely great big cotton sarong. It’s so versatile.

I’ve had my sarong for over 20 years and bought it in a small independent groovy boutique in Stoke Newington, NE London – so not in some Tropical market stall as you may think. I have 2 sarongs, one red/orange/yellow and this one blue/green/white. It was a tough decision which one to bring as my capsule wardrobe colours are blue and orange. What made me decide on this blue/green one? I thought it was more adaptable, would look ok if I was smartly dressed when doing some training.

So how have I used my Sarong?

Dress – great on the beach or quickly draping round when going to the bathroom in the middle of the night and avoiding exposing yourself! And of course there are many styles to create with this one piece of cloth.

Skirt/Shorts – really comfy and so versatile. You can make the sarong into a long skirt (great for protecting your legs from mozzies), a short skirt or an asymmetric style. Alternatively tie the shorter edge round your middle, then pull the rest through your legs and tie the other short edge around to make some shorts. When getting a sarong, I suggest you make sure it is big enough to wrap the long side round your waist twice.

Top – Here, I folded my sarong to make a triangle, then with the long ends, crossed these over to tie behind my neck – what do you think?

Towel – it is much lighter than a towelling one, works well and dries quickly.

Sheet – we discovered that in places like India some Airbnbs only have a bottom sheet and I prefer to have something light to cover myself when sleeping.

Scarf/Shawl – Great to have in countries where it is not appropriate to reveal your shoulders. Useful if it’s a bit cool or cold or just to jazz up an outfit.

Table cloth – Hey, you might want a romantic dinner or have a picnic! A great use.

Hat – Yes, I have been known to wear my sarong as a Turban style hat. I thought it looked very stylish!

Bag– if your Sarong is fairly sturdy material (not flimsy silk) then when going shopping, rather than pay for a plastic bag – save the planet. Tie 4 corners securely together and hey presto a bag.

There you go! 9 different uses for your Sarong – nearly as multi-purposeful as a Swiss Army Knife!

Do post below any other ideas as to using a Sarong and we’d love to see your photos as well.

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