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What do you want to know? (Day 233)

We've been travelling for 233 days now, and many people are intrigued how a middle aged couple of ordinary people are doing this. What do you want to know?

We’re on the move again. This time to Daejeon, South Korea's fifth-largest metropolis located in the central region and it has sunshine…I hope! Our 2.5 hours journey went quickly, especially as most of the time, Tim and I were planning for the next book I am writing. The book is for the Baby Boomers, the Generation X, us middle-aged who are interested in travelling the world. It’s for people who keep saying “one day we’ll go travelling”. Perhaps there may be some fear, a sense that this is a brave thing to do; love to do it, but don’t know where to start. Or perhaps there is some intrigue – how have the Reeds managed to do this?

This is where I need your help, please. What do you want to know about what to do before going travelling? We have thought of 14 chapters (Tim’s favourite number) which cover subjects such as Decluttering, Money, Clothes, Technology, and Luggage etc. Lots of practical tips – many we wished we’d thought of before we went travelling, some we’ve learnt the hard way, plus some psychological considerations such as how to thrive with the same person 24/7. I mean, how can Tim cope being with me every day?!

We’d really love to hear your questions, so please post below, or facetime/email me. Thank you very much.

Back to Day 233. We arrived at Seodaejeon station and found a recommended place for a late lunch. Luckily, a better choice than yesterday. At last, Tim had a typical Korean BBQ. A large copper cauldron with hot coals was put in the hole in the middle of our table with a metal grill. A very nice waiter, who realised this was new to us, placed the two slabs of beef on top. Above us was a tube that he pulled down over the meat; this was an extractor fan! Tim was wondering how he was going to eat this with chopsticks. The waiter returned with tongs and scissors in hand and cut the meat into bite-sized pieces. Phew!

The usual side dishes were served including neat squares of vegetable pancakes, spiced spinach, cucumber, radish, Kimchi, and about 5 others. Instead of the meat, I had two fried eggs. All in all a delicious meal.

He hopped onto the subway to our Airbnb, which we found easy enough. We walked into the tiny kitchen, through to the one main room with a bed, table and chairs and a very strange DIY way of fixing the lights to the ceiling! In the small wet room, the sink waste goes down the central plug hole in the middle of the floor as well as the shower water – not come across that before! The washing machine is on the small narrow balcony which was quickly put to use.

Later we went out to find a supermarket. We did think that the trolleys were rather large. We walked through the tent section, the artificial grass section, the massive bags of sweets section and finally to the food section. Ah – we really don’t need a large punnet of avocados between the two of us for 4 days, 3 large containers of Yoghurt or large boxes of Waitrose cereal at £7.50 each! Mmm…everything seemed to be in bulk. I think we’ve come to the wrong place. I was quite fascinated to see a sign for one of the aisles that said “Peacock – Sauce - HMR”!

We left and stood outside wondering where a more suitable supermarket was when a young lady asked us “What do you want to know?” We are so grateful for all the many people that have helped us along our journey. We often get people coming up to us offering help. She pointed us in the right direction of a large Department store with a supermarket on its 3rd floor. Fabulous.

Vegetables, fish, noodles, tea and coffee bags, cereal, milk and yoghurt were bought. It’s not cheap though. It seems more economical to eat out here in Korea than to buy food and cook!

That’s it for today folks. Love to hear your questions…over to you.

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