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Weighing up what to bring (Day 66)

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

Two months in and we have discovered a great tip for fellow travellers or anyone thinking of travelling. I wish we’d known this before we set out and now that we know this, it does seem rather obvious.

Weigh everything! It’s surprising how much things weigh. By knowing this, it helps you to decide whether to take an item on your travels or not. If you are like us and use bucket flights, then this very simple tip can save you a lot of money. For example, when we fly to New Zealand from Hong Kong, by only having 1 piece in the hold rather than 2 saves us over £100.

So today we have re-evaluated our luggage items and have reduced them by over 2kg. One wash bag (500g!!) 2 x Tim’s T-shirts, 1 pair of Tim’s Jeans, 1 pair of Tim’s pumps, 2 pairs of Tim’s socks, 1 belt – yes – Tim’s and some of my toiletries that I haven’t used.

May I point out that Tim did bring far more than me – I know this may sound surprising – Those that know me will know that I do like to have a variety of clothes, however I took this nomadic style very seriously, and Tim didn’t!. I created a capsule wardrobe and a desire to only have cabin luggage.

We did have fun weighing various items and it is amazing how much some things weigh. Our walking boots are 1kg and 850g! So for carry-on baggage allowance for AirAsia of only 7kg that’s a big percentage.

Our lovely host Fabian has very kindly agreed to take our pile of rejects to some of the local Indigenous people in Malaysia that have very little – which we are thrilled about.

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