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“...we're all just pottering, filling the time that we have here..." (Day 134)

“In truth, we're all just pottering, filling the time that we have here, only we like to make ourselves feel bigger by compiling lists of importance.” ― Cecelia Ahern, Thanks for the Memories

It was a pottering day; we caught up on washing, Tim did some gardening whilst I got him to take photos of me for What Is Sarong With That article. Please do have a read and leave a comment. We are starting to do more work here on this adding more writing and photos to the pages. Love to hear your thoughts and ideas. Jane and Debs, our wonderful hosts, were off to the UK and heard that their flight was delayed for 5 hours. At least they hadn’t got to the airport. Jane ensured we were all OK, had everything we need and know what to do with their cats. The cats seem to have got used to us, especially Jazz, who often rub up against us for a stroke. He is very vocal cat so we have a good natter. I’m sure he understands us. As Jane left to pick Debs up on the way to the Airport, we left to walk the 2km to the shops. We do enjoy walking around residential roads, having a nose at the architecture and features. We arrived at Coles with our list of food. I think the prices are on par with the UK. Cheaper than NZ. We stopped for a coffee and then I saw a gym. Tim used to go to the gym at least 3 times a week so thought it would be nice for him to go for a couple of weeks while we are here. The young guy Jarrad from #FitnFast was so nice, showed us round the Yoga Hall and the gym, shared the various options to join for the 2 weeks and was intrigued by our journey. In fact so much that he kindly gave us 7 days free pass to the Gym, Yoga and Functional Training (whatever that is). How lovely is that! The only issue is that I only now have my walking boots and gold sandals, not ideal for pumping iron, apparently that’s what they do in these places – so he suggested we went to the Big W for cheap trainers that would do me for the week. A short while later I became the proud owner of some white AUS$10 trainers – they’ll do. Back “home”, unpacked, more pottering and made dinner. It is funny, we both are delighted to do normal things – hanging washing up, a bit of gardening, emptying the dishwasher…I wonder if this will continue. These tasks can seem a pleasure or a chore – the tasks are still the same however we perceive them. Understanding that our experience of carrying out these everyday jobs comes from us. Seeing how our system works really does make life to much easier…well…it doesn’t…that’s my thinking that does that - haha!

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