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Tim's long lost bro' and a quiz for you - Day 530

We so love meeting people, and Facebook did it again for us. Enriching conversation, Ruins and Quiz night, all part of the #GrownUpTraveller's journey

On facebook I had noticed that a fellow coach had moved to Panama, so got in touch with him to meet for coffee. What a delightful and enriching conversation we had. Adam Reed (Tim's long lost bro?) is such an intelligent guy, and well read. He shared some fascinating stories about his colourful life in the past and his transformation. I think Adam should write his own book.

After lunch, we went to Panama Viejo which is the oldest European area of the city formed 500 years ago this August. Henry Morgan, a British pirate with 1,400 crew, attacked the town in 1671. It is unknown who started a fire that destroyed the city, either this scallywag or the militia leader Don Juan Pérez de Guzmán by ordering the explosion of the gunpowder magazines.

Anyhow, Panama was rebuilt a few kilometres west to what is currently known as the Old Quarter or Casco Antiguo, and ever expanding. Henry Morgan was arrested, but somehow he was freed and later rewarded. He must have had a smooth tongue!

Unfortunately, when we saw the price of the museum tickets at US$15 each, we decided to walk around the perimeter and take photos of the ruins above the fence. Us #GrownUpTravellers do have a budget to adhere to!

We decided to get a bus back, at US$0.25 that was definitely in our budget. Sadly after waiting for over an hour, we booked an Uber and of course just before it arrived the bus turned up. Sod's law.

In the evening we met Will and Rosie and went for a sushi and quiz night, luckily all in English. The competition was tough, some of the questions challenging. We were happy achieving bronze status jointly with a couple of other teams. Some of the questions for you. No googling the answer, please.

* Which war ended with the Paris treaty?

* What year was Amy Winehouse's first album released?

* In the periodic tables what is the symbol for the element with the shortest word?

Do you know the answers?

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