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Tim has joined the Rat Race

Day 800

Jac, here; I have been invited to write the blog. It’s a tall order and a hard act to follow, but here goes about a very busy day for Tim, who certainly joined the Rat Race!

First thing in the morning, Lindsey had to return to her 2nd home accompanied by Tim to collect their extended visas that allowed her time to recoup post-op. They were told to return later as the permits weren’t quite ready!

On their return, Tim took me to Wat Pho while Lindsey rested. (More details of Wat Pho on Day 776)

Wow, what a place, I was blown away by the enormity and beauty of the gold, resplendent, reclining Buddha and the intricacy of the ornate temples, gates and statutes. We enjoyed watching the artisan craftsmen and women busy restoring some areas with no apparent worry of ‘ealth n safety gov’, that would have prohibited us from getting anywhere near such work in the UK.

After pottering through nearby markets, buying a garland from a lovely wizened man for Lindsey (probably meant for Buddha), we made our way to find a ferry. Enjoying the wind in our faces, we sped through choppy water catching further sights of this crazy city: flower markets, temples, hotels and restaurants and impressive skyscrapers of all sorts of styles, shapes and sizes.

We continued our journey of speed in a supped up tuk-tuk that seemed happier in the fast lane and flying over flyovers.

Collecting Lindsey en route, Tim took us to his new fav Vegan café. (Lindsey is a pescatarian, and Tim, since watching a Documentary film “The Game Changers”, has decided to foray into Veganism, I’m not sure how long it will last). That said the food was delicious and quickly devoured before Tim sped away to the hospital to collect their visas, this time on the back of a ‘grab motorbike’.

I’m beginning to appreciate that my lovely brother-in-law is quite an action man. I have loved learning about his early Army career in the Commandos and assignments with the Royal Marines.

We had been told that no trip to Bangkok is complete without a walk down Soi Cowboy and advised to sit outside one of the go-go bars and people watch. It was quite an experience. It left me thinking that on no level what we were seeing was ok. Would anyone giving birth to a beautiful daughter, or son for that matter, really want them to end up working on the streets here?

There was however an upbeat atmosphere, music playing and, I guess for some, a sense of community. Watching these scantily clothed girls and boys tottering about in their high stilettoes, we then spotted great fat rats dashing in and out from under the bars around their feet. They seemed oblivious to this, but we polished off our drinks and made a hasty retreat back to the calm of our clean accommodation near Cabbages & Condoms.

With three taxi and two motorbike rides, one fast ferry and one tuk-tuk journey, I think perhaps Tim did join the Rat Race of Bangkok for the day!

(Lindsey here - I think perhaps Jac could take over for the next two months she's done such a great job - Thanks Jac!)

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