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Tika Tika Tour on Wiaheke Island (Day 126)

Another amazing day - on Wiaheke Island - gorgeous beautiful place and just 35 minutes sail from Auckland

I got up early – a very hot shower was needed – new bites. Sat to write and Anna came and joined me. We had a lovely conversation about coaching. Anna has studied Clean Language here and I’d forgotten that this brilliant coaching technique was developed in New Zealand by David J Grove, a counselling Psychologist who sadly died in 2008.

I have studied and used Clean Language for quite a few years now, and it’s a great way to enable clients to discover their motivations at a profound level using and expanding their own metaphors by asking simple, content free questions.

Anna has found a local group here in Auckland and one time, David Grove’s family were there. I can imagine they must be very proud of him as his technique has helped thousands of people move forward from torment and confusions or generate and formulate great ideas.

It was time to go, so we packed up the van, hugs with Anna and was about to drive away when her neighbour Patricia popped out to take some photos of the van. She is from Namibia so was sharing some wonderful places for us to visit later this year.

Onto Auckland, we got the van cleaned inside and out and dropped Jeff the Wicked Camper off. It did us proud, even though it was rather embarrassing going around with a rather rude symbol on the bonnet!

Our cab arrived and onto the ferry to get to Waiheke Island. And there was Jules, looking amazing waiting for us. I met Jules a couple of years ago at WIBN, a women’s network group, and remember her coming out here for a few months, and when she returned, she had transformed into this blonde, tanned beauty. Wow – this place did her good. When she saw on fb that we were coming to NZ, she very kindly invited us over, and we are both so glad she did. The place is incredible. Thirty five minutes sail from the centre of the busy metropolis of Auckland to this beautiful island of vineyards, golden beaches, and rolling hills scattered with a variety of contemporary stylish houses perched on the hillside.

After feeding us, she took us on a tiki tiki tour (New Zealand slang for a sight-seeing journey with no particular destination in mind) with stops for photo opportunity. It was a fabulous way to see much of the island.

We picked up Bruce, her friend – oh – one of life’s big characters. We stopped off at The Man O’War vineyard for a drink and nibbles – there was some corporate event on, so weird seeing city folk all dolled up in their suits. Oh we had a laugh – my jaw was aching from Bruce’s outrageous comments – all great fun. He comes out with great one liners such as “You are dead a long time, so crack on” and we cracked up. Wise words though.

We got back to his delightful and beautiful home, open plan with large windows to a stunning view. Bruce gave us a tour of his eclectic art collection which included some from his Mum when she was a child – they were fabulous, and one gorgeous painting from his grandmother, as well as from local artists.

Bruce and Jules made us a great meal – Steak for Tim and Snapper for me, that Bruce had caught himself and we had a wonderful time together. The wine was flowing, loads of laughter and we felt overawed by their generosity and friendship. We’ve even been given the main bedroom to sleep – a huge bed with panoramic views – incomparable to our little hard mattress in Jeff the wicked camper – luxury…do we really need to get the flight tomorrow to Oz?

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