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Tie a Yellow Ribbon... Day 354

What is the connection between Tie a Yellow Ribbon, Madonna and Child and the Big Tree? Answer: Day 354!

Back to Butterfly's Bistro this morning. Tim said his mega breakfast was perfectly cooked; as was my veggie one too. And the coffee was hot. So many places we go to, we get given warm coffee. On the next table to us was a young family with two girls. The youngest was having a bit of a terrible twos tantrum. The Mum looked exasperated. We so felt for them both. We were leaving at the same time and had a little chat with her, sharing that we have all been there and it is all part of being a toddler and being a parent. She looked very relieved. As we walked out of the Bistro, I noticed a yellow ribbon tied around an old oak tree! Funny, we have been here twice already, and I haven’t seen it. Of course, we had to break into song. Er…am I showing my age here remembering Tony Orlando’s hit back in 1973?! Our aim today was to walk to the Madonna and Child Falls. We parked the car just as another family got out of their vehicle. As I was chatting to them, Tim noticed that the metal drum bin had been knocked over and all the rubbish was spewed over the ground. Glass and plastic bottles, cans and paper were everywhere. He started to clear the mess up, and then we all chipped in. Tim is so good like that. I remember when we were in India a few years back, there was loads of rubbish in the street and while I was at some training, Tim cleared the mess up. The next day, the little shop next door cleared outside their place. It just shows that one person’s action can influence others, like a ripple effect. I chatted more to the family, and they shared that they had won a weekend in #Hogsback after being there in July for a scavenger hunt competition which was raising money for Jikani. This is the local community charity which has a second-hand shop in the village, and it aims to create sustainable job opportunities, especially amongst South Africa’s unemployed youth, through teaching practical and life skills. What a place #Hogsbacksais! It should win some kind of community village of the year award. We walked down the rickety steep steps and rocks, chatting away and finally reached the waterfall. What a beautiful sight. I couldn’t see the outcrop of rock that is supposed to form the shape of a "Mother and Child". Perhaps I haven’t got much of an imagination. We left the family to relax on the bedrocks as we carried on to find the “Big Tree”. The walk was lovely, taking us through the peaceful indigenous Tyumie forest to find the 800-year-old yellow wood. We did see one great big tree so assumed that this was it. We subsequently found out that it wasn't. Damn! Oh well, the walk was lovely. We retraced our steps and rested at the plunge pool a bit further down from the waterfall. Tim dipped his feet in the freezing water – I couldn’t be bothered to take my socks and shoes off and just wanted to soak up the atmosphere rather than the ice cold water. We climbed up the track and then heard thunder in the distance. Just as we got to about 100m from the car, it started to rain; a perfect shower to cool us down. We returned to Butterfly’s Bistro as we had arranged to chat with Paul, who we played bowls with. What a warm, authentic man he is. He has certainly had a colourful life and shared that one day, he knew that he needed to move on from that way of living. His journey ever since has been a challenge, both spiritually and emotionally and he now coaches others to help them move forward from psychological pain and suffering. We had such an enriching conversation. It seems as if we have known him for years. We needed to get back to Maple Grove in Hogsback Accommodation as I had a coaching conversation with someone who had been referred to me by a precious client from 7 years ago! I am so lucky to be still able to continue coaching clients and, like Paul, enable people to move forward in their lives.

Afterwards, we had an evening connecting with people. Wonderful conversations with various friends and family - the beautiful of the internet. Another enriching day…

We’re not comin' home, we've not done our time, but when we do, will there be a 100 yellow ribbons round the ole oak tree we wonder?

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