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The Flying Dutchman - Day 579

A couple of days ago, we met Leo. He opened his restaurant just two weeks back, so we decided to eat there.

We'd had a very relaxing day, Tim sunbathing while I wrote and coached a client, great for the soul but all rather static.

To get our bodies working, we walked 40 minutes to Petiscaria Holandês Voador (Flying Dutchman).

As we reached the restaurant, three ladies were sitting chatting in the front garden. In the twilight, we could see that one of the ladies was Maria Helena from the museum. She sprinted out of her chair in delight and gave us the biggest hug, surrounding us with a beautiful odour of her perfume. The joy from the three of us - ah, I love those moments.

She called out to Leo and directed us to walk around to the back. We entered an enclosed walled garden with palms, and other exotic plants, interesting objects such as antique bird cages and neat benches to sit at.

Leo and his partner Celiane greeted us warmly and informed us that we were the first foreign visitors to their restaurant.

Their menu was similar to tapas, and our dishes were delicious, especially the succulent Tod Mum Pla made from the huge Pirarucus freshwater fish.

After our meal, we sat chatting with Maria Helena, her friend and Leo, with Celiane joining us occasionally. Our conversation flowed effortlessly.

I can imagine that it would be fab to have this space as your local. They certainly made us feel very welcomed, which we very much appreciated.

What a great ending to a relaxing day (and gave me something to write home about).

Upon reflection, we recognise the importance to have a day of relaxing, both mind and body. Even with our life of no stress or anxiety, I could still feel that sense of ease settling.

Plus our warm connections with Maria Helena, Leo and Celiane feed our soul. Us humans thrive when we are part of a community full of love, warmth and compassion.

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