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The Dry Run (Day 144)

Always good to do a dry run - just because the weight is ok, doesn't mean that you can fit the items into you luggage. Did we manage it?

A day much like the day before, except rather than weighing our clothes, we packed them. Based on my spreadsheet I composed, the weight was fine, however we still needed to check we could get the stuff in my rucksack and Tim’s small rucksack. Please to say that we did it.

We walked down to Rouse Hill, the local town. Tim went to see his mate again, Gym. Sadly our one week free membership pass runs out today, the reception guy could only offer us casual sessions for next week at A$20 per time. Sounds a bit hefty to me.

I fancied a different therapy – a bit of retail therapy – hey a girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do. I was looking for a plain blue top. Is it just me that wears plain tops that are neither white nor black? Very difficult to find any.

I came across a shop called “Tree of Life” with the slogan “Devoted to The one creative spirit That lives in all.” A bit different from the rest of the High Street Clothes Stores – more boho, well, I can be a bit of a hip chick occasionally! Ooooh – they had some lovely reversible wrap skirts made from silky sari material. Yes – I know this isn’t a top! I tried one on, looking good – but I do like to have options, so one of the two lovely young shop assistants found a different one for me to try on. No, I’ll go with the first one.

I did get a top, a burnt orange one (of course!) and when we got back I weighed my new purchases - 200g. Pretty good for, in effect 2 skirts and a top. I am now getting rid of 2 T-shirts and a tunic – will either find a charity shop or give to a homeless girl. There seems to be quite a few in the centre of Sydney sadly.

That’s it for today, as well as more studying, more sunbathing for Tim, and we did have a lovely chat with Tim’s Mum plus video chatted with Mike, Agata and a tiny bit of Alex, Tim’s Brother and family. So lovely to see them and hearing their news.

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