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The Buzz of Búzios - Day 414

We sensed that we'd find a nice place to stay for tonight, so let's make most of the day and drive to experience the buzz of Búzios, on the peninsular of Armação dos Búzios.

Back in the day, this used to be a sleepy little fishing village, but one visit from the buxom beaux Brigitte Bardot, things changed. This busy booming place is known as the St Tropez of Brazil, and from looking at the gorgeous clothes in shop fronts by the harbour, we could understand why.

We found a quaint little café called Maria Maria, overlooking a picture postcard view of the sea with fishing boats bobbing on the gentle waves and got down to business to find somewhere to stay. Búzios was too expensive for us, or we’d end up getting a dump like yesterday’s place, so we looked further afield, in fact towards Rio. And there I spotted a hotel right on the coast in an area called Ponta Negra with a swimming pool facing the beach. That will do for a few days of chillaxing. All booked online, we could get on with our day.

After enjoying a bit more window shopping and swooning over beautiful garments, we saw that there were water taxis to other nearby beaches. Laura had done her research and heard about Praia Da Tartaruga (translation: Turtle Beach), and a young man with a weird accent of Australian and Brazilian, informed us that if we were lucky, we might see a turtle or two.

We hopped on the boat and immediately zoomed across the waves. I’m sure the driver was going through choppiest of routes, resulting in giving us a drenching as well as a very bumpy ride, but I forgave him as just before we arrived at the bay, he pointed out a turtle swimming by. What a treat.

Many waiters greeted us on this narrow, crowded beach, encouraging us to sit on their chairs for free as long as we bought their food and drink. We walked to the end of the bay, and found a slightly quieter place, sneaked our picnic out while drinking the nearby bar’s Pina Colada and then enjoyed people-watching as well as taking a dip in the delightfully warm sea; such fun, floating over the waves.

Later, we returned, sitting with a nice chatty couple who now live in Sydney but originate from Dublin and Gloucester. No turtles this time, but still the rather wet taxi ride. We found a nice café for an early evening meal which was far too big for the four of us and waddled back to the car for a long drive to Ponta Negra. Tim really is so good doing all the driving.

We arrived in the dark at Black Point Beach Club and was greeted warmly by the owner Rick. “Fabulous, you speak English” he announced and gave me a huge hug. After plonking our bags in our rooms, we plonked ourselves by the pool, and with a delicious Caipirinha in hand, sat and chatted to Rick and his wonderfully vivacious wife, Ariana. We found out that Ariana is from the Amazon and Rick is from Connecticut. He retired from being an American Airlines pilot and bought this place as their home five years ago. Since then they turned it into this great hotel. I think we will have a good few days of glorious chillax here….or will we?

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