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Space – the Final Frontier (Day 135)

When travelling we have learnt that it is also so important to have space. Space to reflect, for our own well-being and allows ideas to flow.

I used to pack so much into my life both physically and mentally. Always busy – doing stuff and constantly having thoughts whirling in my head. I didn’t allow myself any time – I think I was scared of it. What would I find? Now is a very different picture. Space….without the need to meditate, sit with my legs crossed and say Om….not that there is anything wrong in that. Funny, I was allowing ideas to flow as to what to write about for yesterday and “Space” popped up. We had a day of nothingness – pottering – reading – going through emails – eating – relaxing. We saw no-one apart from each other and the two cats. Yesterday I was going to write about our experience of being together near enough 24/7 for 135 days….however Space is what has popped up for me. The day started with the alarm waking me early for a zoom call with Kimberley, who introduced me to 3P. I fell back to sleep and then was 10 minutes late for the call, quickly got onto my laptop and joined the group. A very fascinating discussion about “Free Will”. Do we really have free will? Do you know what you will be thinking next? Or the moment after that? I don’t. I haven’t even a clue what I am about to write next! Once I saw how we experience the ever flow of thought and that we are not our thoughts – energy flowing through us, I kind of disassociated from my whirling head that I used to have. The result of this is that there is so much more space, a sense of calmness….well, most of the time. One of the many things I have learnt on our travels is the benefit of having space, having time to daydream, and to reflect. It is wonderful for our well-being and also our creativity. Einstein and Darwin innately understood this and both would have moments of space where they would just sit or walk in quietness. We often think we don’t have time to stop, crikey, I used to, I didn’t even give myself time for lunch, always eating at my desk. However in fact we don’t have time not to have time – if you get my drift. And it’s funny that the word “Space” came up as this morning a wonderful friend of mine asked for a coaching session, and what he realised for himself was rather than what he thought the issue was, what was important for him was….space. Space allowing his creativity to flow, ideas to form, moments to see life from a different perspective. In front of me is a moulded glass table with a glass ball on top. What a great representation of Space…it is all around us this space! Ok – so Day 135 and a bit of 136 is a bit different – not trampling, no site seeing, no meeting strangers, yet in this space often magic happens. I hope you enjoy your moment of space reading these reflections.

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