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Slow, quick, quick, slow…by Haeundae Beach (Day 245)

A lazy day with a bit of slow, quick, quick, slow…by Haeundae Beach

Ah – this Airbnb is a lovely place to relax in. Clean, trendy and comfortable. We took advantage of being here this morning, relaxing, watching webinars, reading, reflecting. After one webinar I started to ponder about my identity. Am I a traveller? A writer? A coach? Then I came to my senses – I am me and all three and much more. Funny how our minds can get a bit whizzy, well mine does occasionally – nothing like it used to though – crikey it used to be like a hurricane! Eventually, we managed to prise ourselves away from the apartment to buy some groceries. Our lovely host had informed us where the nearest grocery store was, but when we got there, the choice was limited and prices high. Onto Home Plus, the second largest retailer in South Korea whose parent organisation is none other than Tescos! The food hall was right in front of us and our tummies were in need of some food. Never a good thing buying groceries on an empty stomach so we went for some lunch. We had one meal between us which was plenty; rice, tofu and veg soup, sardine stew, glass noodles, sesame sauce, kimchi and 2 other side dishes and a square of acorn jelly…all for £5 between us. We’re so glad we went there as we decided not to bother buying the ingredient for dinner, it’s so cheap, delicious and healthy to eat out here. As we left the café, we noticed a small shop with children and their parents sitting playing with lego. We were intrigued and chatted with the assistant. They hire out big tubs of lego to either play in the shop (6,000 won for an hour which is equivalent to £4) or take an activity box home for a month. What a fabulous idea! I feel all tingly and excited when I find brilliantly simple entrepreneurial ideas like this. Shopping time, we wandered around the aisles, looking at all the weird and familiar products on the shelves and got some tea (English breakfast of course), proper coffee, none of that instant stuff for us, cereal and some salad. That will do us. We got back to the Airbnb. Earlier I had done a bit of research as to the top things to do in Busan and from that we decided to stay on for a few extra days. When we got back, we had heard from Im Soon that she could accommodate our request so we are here until Tuesday now. Good job that our next place had free cancellation. Time for our evening constitution and to get some much-needed steps in. I’d only done about 5k. Down to the beach and along the promenade where there was a hive of activity. Singers on the beach, Fireworks in the distance, artists drawing caricatures of people, lovers hand in hand having photos taken by heart-shaped neon lights, dogs being taken for walks by their owners or is it the other way around? On our way back, we saw a dance group of about 20 students practice their routine. It must have got us inspired as we did do a sneaky quick step when walking down a deserted path! (10k steps were easily achieved) Back here now, tomorrow is planned, some more reading, some more viewing and time for bed. Good night.

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