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Rob Roy, the Goat and the Hefferlump (Day 107)

We eventually reached Raspberry Creek Car Park after a glorious drive on a 30km dirt track, through 8 fords and passing deer, cows, sheep and more sheep. The weather forecast said rain, not a drop!

We intended to walk the gently trek to Aspiring Hut along the banks of the river Matukituki, however when we saw the swing bridge to another track through the forest, this tempted us – and we’re so glad it did. A gentle incline through the beech trees with the Rob Roy stream (Stream? It was gushing down the mountain side) was very relaxing, then the terrain started to get steeper. Sadly I have a dodgy knee plus I think I used to be a weeble in a past life so am more like a hefferlump getting up the rocks rather than a light footed goat. Phew, I was huffing and puffing some of the way, nearly turned back and then we saw it! A glacier. Wow! We were informed by a fellow walker that it was only another 30 minutes to the first lookout posts (Had he seen the speed I walk?) so I was encouraged to keep going.

At one point there was a sign warning of rockfall, so keep walking for 50m and don’t stop. As we turned the corner, there was a huge rock overhanging the path we were walking on.

We reached the lookout for Rob Roy Glacier. Incredible view. There was a further track up to the top lookout which took another 30 minutes, so an additional 1 hour to our journey. I suggested that Tim went up and I’d start the descent. Off he went like that light footed goat, and I hefferlumped down the track, enjoying listening to the birds and the pulsating flow of the river…sorry, I mean stream. As I got to the swing bridge I heard my name being called, and there was Tim, looking rather hot and with a big grin on his face.

What a great walk. (over 18k steps – pretty good for me). We drove over the 30km of unsealed road, back through the fords and onto Wanaka with a beautiful rainbow overhead. Our friend Robin phoned us, suggesting we meet at Mount Cook Village tomorrow, so our loose plans have changed. Remarkable that tomorrow is the only night until now that we hadn’t pre-booked a stay anywhere, so we could be flexible and meet him. He also recommended a place for us to eat in Wanaka, The Red Star, so off we went after Tim dipped his toes in the Lake.

We had the biggest burgers ever. In fact mine was half the size of my head! And delicious they were. Crikey – I need to watch what I am eating. Tim has lost weight since we’ve been away, and somehow this weight has been transferred to me!

Back to our lovely Airbnb, lots of chats and laughter again with Joan and Percy, and now ready for a good night’s sleep.

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