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Rexy boy joins us in San Juan del Sur -Day 542- 545

A few days relaxing in San Juan del Sur, but who is this that has joined our merry band? Rexy boy!

Staying with Eve, Nathalie and of course Zoe, the dog, is a joy. They seem to bring out the best in Tim; he is in form and causing us much laughter each day.

We've had a few days relaxing and mooching around (another Brit word that I had to explain to our American friends), visiting the beach and various great cafes, and keeping fit via pilates and walking with Michael, a physio from Slovakia.

One of our highlights of the week was Rexy boy coming into our lives. Eve has purchased a 1998 Toyota Landcruiser and named it Rex. Did she know that was my wonderful Dad's name? Just like many old men, he can be a bit temperamental, and it is taking Eve some time to get to know his quirky ways. He has already visited a car mechanic as he refused to shut the driver's window. However, since then the internal light has miraculously started working!

On Wednesday, Eve generously surprised us with an afternoon on a boat. What fun. There was only the four of us and the skipper Dorian. I am not sure what he thought while we all sang our hearts out to the Beatles, UB40, Blonde and many other bands as well as have a bit of a wiggle on deck.

Excitedly, at one point when Tim was getting drinks out of the cool box, one of the fishing rods started to spin. He grabbed hold of it and a few minutes later was a proud owner of a Jack Crevalle Fish. That's dinner sorted for the evening.

Later Dorian stopped the boat, and we all dived (ok, I jumped) in the sea to cool off in the Pacific Ocean - delightful. As we returned to shore the sun slowly set across the horizon, transforming the sky from cool blue to a beautiful golden orange.

And now we are all going off for an adventure for about 10 days. Nothing booked apart from 1 night stay...who knows what fun we will have...see you on the other side...

(photo of Rexy boy coming later...)

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