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Oops I did it again… (Day 158)

Yes, Tim did it again....but what did he do? And did it all come good?

We took Murphy out for a lovely walk along the beach this morning. It really is a delight that the beach, and such a lovely beach, is so near. The sky was clear with a slight freshness in the air which the sun would heat up later in the day. Murphy had great fun running along the beach and fetching the ball that we bought him yesterday, Most of the time he sat whilst Tim threw the ball, then fetched it back. Not so good on the dropping the ball, getting there though. He does get waylaid by seagulls and goes charging off to try and catch them. No chance! When we got back, I sat down to write some more articles for this website and could see Tim searching around. “What are you looking for Tim?” And in the mortal words of Britney Spears he replied “Oops I did it again”. He’d lost his glasses…again! First of all I thought they were reading glasses – no, they were his varifocals – expensive. He went off to retrace his steps and was gone for quite a long time. I got on with washing and my writing, plus playing ball with Murphy. When Tim returned he looked forlorn. No, he didn’t find his glasses. Now, what is it with men? Yes – I know, sounds a bit sexists, but so often they look for something and its right under their nose. Sadly Tim’s glasses weren’t, or on top of his nose either. Apparently men do have a disadvantage, due to women’s extra X chromosome, we have better colour vision and wider peripheral vision as we have a greater variety of cone-shaped cells in the eyes. Ah – that explains it. So, I looked around the house…no, I didn’t find them, then decided to go look for them on the beach. Murphy has a bit of a dodgy leg so cannot walk for long periods of time, so we thought it best to leave him here in the garden. He seems happier enough. Off to the beach we go, Tim walked along the top and I walked further down towards the sea. After a while he wanted to turn back as he believed we hadn’t walked that far earlier on. Yet, I remembered walking further, so suggested we carried on. My eyes swayed from left to right, left to right and then I spotted them, just on the edge of some seaweed. Phew. I think I will make one of those spectacle chains for Tim now! We had a nice walk back via the pier, watching a school of post-smolts in the clear green water, these are juvenile salmon that swim together getting used to the salty sea water. A fisherman was there, not amused by all these small fish as they keep feeding on his bait. He was more interested in catching a snapper or two. When we returned I finished my writing, “What Technology to take” and “What type of Luggage to use”, all very useful tips for your travels, so please do pop across to the before-ya-go tab, the articles are at the bottom of the page, and I’d love to see your comments and your tips – that will be great. If there are any specific tips you’d like me to write and share about, do let me know. Pop a message down below – cheers.

Back to today, after writing and domestic duties, it was time for Murphy’s evening walk. Back down to the beach again, this time making sure that Tim’s glasses were safe. As we walked down the path over the sand dunes, we were greeted by a beautiful post sunset. A pale blue clear sky, turning yellow and then a striking orange strip just above the horizon. A definite photo opportunity and even a painting opportunity. I’d been wanting to get the watercolours out but hadn’t known what to paint. However the photos of the sunset were so inspiring, I reckoned I could have a play and give it a go. It only took me about 10 minutes, and my art is done for the day. I feel quite chuffed with it. I can’t remember the last time I did a watercolour. And to finish the day off nicely we had a lovely video chat with our sons George and John and their girlfriends Laura and Georgia. It is so lovely to see them all together. We really appreciate our chats with them and hearing all their news.

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