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Nica's Downtown Abbey Guests last days - Day 557 - 559

Our last few days in Nicaragua with dear friends Eve and Nat. Was the Hurricane going to win 'Game, Set and Match'? No, but the game 'Set' was great fun for the Nica Downtown Abbey guests.

A hurricane was making its way to the west coast of Nicaragua. We hoped it was nothing like Hurricane Nate, which caused devastation here two years ago. As we drove nearer to San Juan del Sur, the rain was torrential. A huge tree had uprooted, crashing onto the road; thankfully, the path was clear by the time we reached it. We had already heard that the banks of the Rio Escondido had burst. What were we going to discover upon our return to Eve and Nat's home?

We were pleased to see everything was Ok and the Hurricane had lost its power. Phew! It is interesting how people can catastrophise events before they even happen.

The next few days were full of domesticity. Eve commented that we were the Nica version of Downtown Abbey with our hive of activity: chopping, cooking, washing, and smoothie making.

Tim was a busy bee putting another clothesline up so we could try and get our piles of clothes dry in the damp weather. He also mended a gate to stop Zoe from getting out and neighbouring dogs getting in.

For our last evening together we were joined by John and Susana, Eve's friends for many years, who live just down the road. The conversation turned to Politics. I was relieved we were all on the same page. It was fascinating to hear more about the structure of the American political system.

Our other evenings were spent playing cards and learning a new game called "Set" a family game of visual perception. Actually, being with Eve and Nat is like being with family. We have so enjoyed their company and had many laughs during our three weeks together. Two weeks of this was the four of us sleeping in one room with Zoe, the dog! Now that's close friendship.

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