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Jesus Christ, when’s the Uber arriving? - Day 412

Updated: Jan 5, 2019

Jesus Christ, when’s the Uber arriving? We don't have much time to go and see the big man.

Oh dear, the wonderful café we had brunch in yesterday let us down today. Perhaps the chef had been celebrating a bit too much last night and forgot that he had food to prepare for customers. We had to wait over an hour for our food, most of which didn’t need cooking, and we were getting a bit jittery as we had tickets to visit Cristo Redentor. All bar the calamari arrived, and when it eventually did, it was overcooked and like rubber. I must say that the manager was hugely apologetic and deducted the uneaten squid and service charge off the bill.

Meanwhile, Tim and I each booked an Uber. His turned up, leaving John, Georgia and me to wait for ours. In the end, when it hadn’t arrived for some time, we asked one of the waiters to phone the driver up. No answer, so I cancelled the booking. Just as I pressed the button on my mobile, the Uber turned up. Damn. As the reservation was cancelled, the driver offered to take us still if we paid by cash and doubled the price. No way José. A taxi turned up, but he didn’t want to take us. I think they both thought that we wanted a lift to the top of the Corcovado Mountain rather than the bottom for the train to there.

The Uber driver finally negotiated with us and reduced the price, still 50% more than the original, but time was ticking fast. We hopped in and using google translate, managed to get the message across that we already had tickets for the train and needed to get there for 3pm. He generously reduced the price again, without us asking and got us there in time, phew! Meanwhile, Tim, George and Laura had picked up the tickets that I’d purchased online and stood to wait for us.

The two carriage train arrived and up we went on a steep incline, up…up…up the 700m mountain with fabulous views of the lagoon and Ipanema beach. As we came, there above was the 8m high pedestal and above a beautiful sight of… white cloud! Where was this iconic sight to behold?

As we climbed the stairs, the clouds parted reminding me of Moses and the parting red sea, giving is a glorious view of the 30m high statue of Christ with his arms stretched 28m as if to welcome and gather his family into his heart. Whatever your religious preferences are, this iconic statue is truly impressive and beautifully created. It is the largest Art Deco statue in the world and the fourth largest of Jesus Christ. Not surprisingly in 2007, it was named as one of the New Seven Wonders of the World.

And the views between clouds were terrific, giving a fabulous view of the city below.

Georgia and I noticed a couple holding hands with their camera on the floor. Ah, it looked as if they were holding hands with Christ. We tried to replicate this. Not sure who the other guy is sneaking into our photo though.

During researching this incredible sight, on the official Cristo Redento website, the reflection of the week inspired me to share with you (which I have slightly amended to correct grammar): "You opened your eyes today, you are breathing, your heart is beating ... It is alive! Living is a small miracle that happens to us every day, and yet we forget it! What is more important than the wonderful gift of life that opens us every day, infinite possibilities to make ours, and our brothers and sisters, even better!”

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