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It's raining, it's pouring, Cyclone Gita's certainly not snoring! (Day 97)

The Heavens have opened. Cyclone Gita is sending constant rain across the South Island and Christchurch is in a state of emergency. We stayed indoors.

A day of being indoors, we took advantage and got going on setting up this website for Grown up Travellers. The atmosphere of the weather reflected the atmosphere between Tim and I. Stormy at the beginning, getting very frustrated with each other and the technology, and then calming down and getting into a bit of a pitter patter rhythm.

I had always wondered why we needed 2 laptops on our journey. That’s a lot of extra grams to carry. Tim hardly used his laptop at all and here we are at day 97! It was about time it popped it’s head out of the backpack and earned its keep. So whilst I was loading the 96 blogs already written onto the website using my lovely Surface Pro, Tim got his photos loaded onto his laptop to pick some for the website. I managed to add 7 blogs and 4 photos. Oh dear! – it’s going to take a few more raining days to get this mammoth task done!!

As well as this sloooow technical task, normality set in; doing the washing, cooking, Tim popped out for food shopping, tea drinking and having long chats with Robin, he had the day off. We had a thought-provoking chat about the purpose of us travelling. I realise that we are a privileged middle class, middle aged couple, even if we don’t feel this way (we both think we are young and groovy). But what are we contributing to the world? Robin challenged me to consider how to bring a sense of community together during our travels. Something to ponder on. Is that my role? I am doing a little bit of coaching, not much, and the workshops that I thought I’d be running haven’t materialised yet. However I have written every day since our journey began, and loving it. I do hope that my writing stimulates you to reflect on your life and inspires you to explore the world.

Jenny arrived back from Wellington safe and sound. She was lucky to get the last flight back before the rest were cancelled for the day. More chatting, laughing, eating, whip-cracking…the end of a rainy, rainy day.

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