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It’s often better to let go than hold on! (Day 151)

I have found in life that it's often better to let go than hold on and today was no exception, especially at the start of the day!

The day started with me having a tug of war with Binty. Binty won the first contest so I was determined to win the second one. Unfortunately I didn’t quite get the result I wanted. After a quick pull from the dog, I tripped and in slow motion style, skidded on my knees, bounced and then landed on my chin. I forgot to let go! How we laughed!

After I recovered we all jumped into the car to the dunes at Greenhills, had a good walk along the beach, chatting away while the 3 dogs played, chasing balls having fun. As we were walking back to the car, Tim noticed a train of eight caterpillars crossing the path. We’ve never seen anything like it before. Apparently they totally strip the leaves from a certain type of bush and kill it. Er…then there were seven caterpillars, one of the dogs accidently trod on one!

Onto Kurnell for more chats and coffee then back here for brunch. Natalie, Alix and Geoff’s daughter joined us and we chatted about her work in advertising. She then shared a pop-psychological “Robin Hood” scenario where we had to rank the order of morality between the Sheriff, Robin Hood, Little John and Maid Marion. If you look up on google Robin Hood Morality, you can have a go yourself. All good fun.

Alix is a brilliant artist and was taking a photo of one of her artworks of two Husky Dogs before sending it off to a client. It is beautiful, so clever how she captures the characters of the dogs and we both love her use of colour. She was adding this to Instagram. This is a social media tool that we want to use more for #grownuptravellers, so she kindly sat with Tim, showing him how to use it. Oh dear! He is now thinking of all the hashtags he can add to random photos he is taking, including one of our feet! We were checking which feet were Winny’s favourite…mmm…cheese!

Geoff had to leave to catch a flight to Brisbane for work, so we then went and visited @HazelhurstArtsCentre which according to Alix was round the corner. Round the corner? It was 5km away!

What’s the difference between Australians and the British? Australians think 100 years is a long and the British think 100 miles is long. Haha.

At the Art Centre there was an exhibition of #ArtExpress2018, more of which we saw yesterday at Art Gallery of NSW. The artwork of these young students is a-mazing! Such a mix of art forms; drawing, graphic design, painting, printmaking, photo-media, textiles, sculpture etc. One of the first exhibits that I noticed was of a manikin wearing a grand black dress by Angeline Khoury. It was called Hairy Antoinette and the young artist portrayed Marie Antoinette in a dark Gothic theme and fashioned the model’s hair with a sailing ship on top. Another was based on John Berger’s book “Ways of Seeing”. The young artist, Joshua Robert Stait explored the concept that, as John Berger said “the relation between what we see and what we know is never settled” and created a perceived heavy anvil floating above a rope. There were so many more creations and it is definitely worth exploring #ArtExpress2018 – we are so impressed at the calibre of the concepts and art that these young people have created.

When we left, we were feeling a bit peckish so went to Splash Tapas Bar at Cronulla right by the beach. As the waitress was serving us, suddenly she ran off. How strange…our gaze followed her to see that a motor cyclist had hit a taxi. Fortunately all was ok and the young man was probably a bit shaken but not injured.

Back home for plum tart, more Instagram for Tim and I relaxed with Winny pinned to my lap. More chats and much more laughter about a multitude of subjects – much of which are not appropriate for public knowledge!

Now with a scared knee and an aching jaw from laughing so much, it’s time for bed.

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