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It’s astounding, time is fleeting… (Day 120)

Hurrah - I have found a relief for the itching, and time to pamper our feet and celebrate with cake....It's astounding, time is must be a TimeWarp!

Yes - I have found a relief for the itching….after reading a few blogs with lots of advice, most of which I have tried, there was one that intrigued me. Surely it cannot work. Well, it’s worth a try. I got up in the morning, had my shower, then at the end, turn the heat up high….put my feet under the scorching hot water…Yaouw….and would you believe it – it worked. The itching had stopped. Instead my feet were burning with one big red blister….no, not really. It had worked. Oh what a relief.

The family had treated me to a pedicure for my birthday, early February, so after doing some admin, Serety and I went off to have our toe nails done. We sat in some really comfy chairs and then suddenly the back started moving. Unbeknown to me, they were massage chairs so all the while we were having our feet done, our backs were being pummelled and prodded. Weird and wonderful experience. The young beautician took one of my feet out of the nice warm water and started to file my toe nails. Yee-ah-ho-ha….oh my feet are so tickly. Serety and I were in fits of giggles as I was squirming around in the chair. I managed to control myself so the young lady could continue the treatment. A few minutes later my toes with their gold glittery nail varnish looked divine. The lady took me to the back of the shop asking me to sit and put my feet under the light. I could only see light at just above waist height. Surely she wasn’t expecting me to put my feet up there. I rested them on a ledge and she repeated for me to put them under the light…a few times. Serety could see what was happening, laughing away she yelled “She’s a beginner”. And then I realised that there was light under the ledge, so placed my feet under it for my nails to dry. Haha what a plonker!

After a coffee and a lovely chat – what can be nicer than a good ol’ chat with a dear dear friend, we returned home. Tim and I sorted our bags out. There were a few things that we haven’t used much, so decided to post them back home – the weight was just over 1kg. It is amazing how much things weigh. A good tip before travelling is to weigh everything to make an informed choice about what to take. Reducing the weight of your luggage can save quite a bit of money with budget airfares.

It’s Peta’s 22nd Birthday today. Such a lovely young lady, a laid back, friendly soul. She is studying to be a Paramedic and I can imagine her keeping people calm in trauma situations. She had a couple of friends over and one of them, Lucy, did Peta’s make up. Crikey, I didn’t recognise her. She scrubs up well, with her beautiful long hair loose and glittery gold eyeshadow and black eyeliner. We all went out to Madam Woo’s for a delicious Malaysian dinner; Hawker rolls, sticky squid, coconut rice etc.

Afterwards, Serety, Ian, Tim and I went for a wander around Hamilton town. We came across the public toilets. No bland, grey building here – but a bright red representation of Frank N Furter’s Lab from the Rocky Horror Picture Show with neon lights and levers to pull with voice activation. We’ve never seen public lavatories like it! We were curious. Why here? Well, Richard O’Brien who co-wrote and played in the infamous show moved to the town when he was 10. In fact he had the honour of opening the toilets in 2016, obviously after doing a quick rendition of the Time Warp.

Back for Birthday cake – Beetroot and Chocolate – delicious and watching the girls make exotic looking cocktails, bright blue ones, pink ones….I wonder what state they will be in the morning! An early night for us as we have an early start in the morning... Just off to burn my feet again….

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