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It's a Miracle! - Day 548

Tim and Eve shared that on their trek up Concepción Volcano, their guide told them various stories of local "miracles". The miracles continued for us today, including meeting a world-renowned potter and a car mechanic arriving just at the right time.

After a relaxing breakfast, Nat came rushing into our room "We've got to go" she said urgently. Miraculously, she had found out that the only ferry available was leaving in half an hour. We chucked our stuff together and climbed in Rexy boy in record time.

The ferry was not far, but on the way, we were stopped by the Police for a routine check. Maintaining a calm but urgent disposition, Eve showed her and the car's paperwork, all in good order. We were on our way and luckily caught the ferry.

Nat chatted to a young man on the ferry called Hitalo and discovered that he's an Artist. As we got off the boat, Hitalo was looking for a bus, so Eve offered him a lift.

An hour later, we dropped this delightful young man off at his brother's home. He asked us to wait, then came running out, holding two rolled up canvases for us. How generous. He then requested that I followed him. What did he want to show me specifically? There on his brother's wall was the Chelsea Football Team's Emblem. He, his brother and I are all Chelsea supporters.

Our next stop was at San Juan de Oriente; a small village renowned for its pottery. Many of the Nicaraguan communities specialise in selling a particular product, be it selling plants, metalware or honey.

The first shop we visited had shelves of bowls, vases and ornaments of different styles beautifully made and decorated; the finite detail was exquisite. We met the potter who had his arm strapped up. Sadly he is unable to work for the next two months; however, luckily Eve helped to put food on his table and bought a beautiful salad bowl.

The next shop only had a few pieces of arts of work on display. We quickly noticed that this work was superior. We introduced ourselves to Helio Gutiérrez and found out that he is a world acclaimed, award-winning ceramic artist, having exhibitions all through the Americas, Spain, Croatia and Finland and in numerous publications. His work has even been featured on Nicaragua's postage stamps. Wow! He seemed a very humble man, yet rightly proud of his achievements.

Eve chose a stunning contemporary vase which Helio created this year on his ancient wheel. He explained what the colours and patterns represented on the ceramic; sky, earth, fish and a geometric pattern for God's creative perfection. It was an honour to meet such a talented man.

Our long journey continued, longer than expected, so we ended up driving in the dark. With many cycles and motorbike riders with no lights and dressed in dark clothes, it's a miracle we didn't hit any. Surprisingly this country only has an average of 2.5 road fatalities each day. Sadly, we did see the result of a car hitting a horse. The driver was ok but not the poor animal. We also saw an eighteen wheeler truck that had swerved off the road into a ditch.

We stopped off for diesel and as Eve turned the ignition to drive off...nothing, no electrics. Looking under the bonnet, Tim immediately saw the problem. The black wire was somewhat frayed and unattached to the battery. Miraculously an older man with his grandson arrived on a moped and happened to be a car mechanic. From the care and attention he took, we reckon he was very experienced and excellent at his trade. Big thanks, bonnet down, engine turning we all chorused "It's a miracle".

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