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"I'm not a fan of the new pound coin, but then again, I hate all change." Boom Boom (Day 108)

Sometimes plans change. Since we have been travelling I have definitely seen the benefit of going with the flow and grabbing hold of opportunities. I have a sneaky feeling that today's change will be a good call.

We were planning to travel towards Fox and Franz Josef Glaciers today, however our doctor friend Robin who we stayed with in Christchurch gave us a ring yesterday and suggested we meet at Mount Cook. Wow – we are so glad we took him up on his suggestion. The journey there was amazing. Do I keep using that word? My apologies if I am repeating myself. I had heard that New Zealand is an amazing place – it really is.

Robin said he would provide dinner and for us to provide wine (He has tasted my cooking!). The wine in Wanaka was a ridiculous price – NZ$50 (£25) for a mediocre bottle of red – no thank you. I aimed to find a supermarket on the way, however I found something much better – a vineyard. A purchase of a Pinot Noir and a small bottle of fizz for me from Maori Point Wines and we were on our way.

Our journey took us passed the canal that joins Lakes Ruataniwha and Pukaki. OMG the colour of the water is unreal. The brightest turquoise ever. It looks as if someone has put food colouring in it. After taking a number of photos, we then drove on and then had Lake Pukaki on our right. It was like a turquoise mirror, reflecting every cloud in minute detail and again the colour was incredible. More photos, then we drove a bit further, stopped again…this happened numerous times in between whoops of wonder coming from the occupants of Keith the Chrysler.

We finally reached Unwin Lodge. Another WOW – we are surrounded by beautiful glacial mountains with Mount Cook in the distance, covered with white fluffy clouds hiding the peak. Straight away we changed our one night to two. Incredible.

Robin turned up and drove us round the area so we had our bearings. He is going to take Tim out for a climb tomorrow and I will do a genteel walk over some swing bridges towards Hooker Lake. Peace from these two guys with their constant jokes “What does the magic tractor turn into? A Lane”…mmmm tumble weed moment! Yes – we have had a cacophony of Tommy Cooper jokes and one lines all evening from these two, so much laughter I nearly choked. Good job a Doctor was in the house.

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