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Hello Sydney! (Day 132)

Hurrah! Hello Sydney...and Jane...and Debs...and Jazz...and Smudge. We are so pleased to be here.

A very good flight to Sydney, mainly due to being asked if we would sit by the emergency exit. An air attendant was looking for some responsible sensible people to sit there, couldn’t find anyone so asked us! We jumped at the chance – so nice to spread our legs.

Yes, hurrah! We are in Sydney. When travelling 30 years ago in this country for 5 months, believe it or not, I never got to Sydney (long story) so am thrilled to be here. Our wonderful host Jane offered to pick us up from the Airport and, on purpose, drove through Sydney city so that we could drive over the Harbour Bridge and see the Sydney Opera House, two iconic landmarks. She shared how you can walk over the arch and low and behold there were tiny groups of people in their blue and grey overalls marching slowly over the curve. The Opera House was a bit round the corner, and it did look smaller and greyer than I anticipated. Can’t wait to go and see them up close in the next week or so.

We arrived at Jane and Debs lovely home and met Jazz and Smudge who we are looking after whilst their owners are popping across to the UK. Jazz immediately came up to investigate, purring and dribbling away. He reminds us of Vince, our lovely friend Carrie’s cat, who used to climb up us and sit like a shawl round our necks. Smudge is a bit more wary or perhaps nonchalant, “New people? Whatever… mmm I think I will go out to play”

Debs came back from work so we had a good chat with her before she had a work conference call with her European colleagues. We then went and unpacked ALL our stuff – the first time in 132 days. Funny how the little things bring joy…well, my thinking about it doesJ. Jane has written up some instructions so we know where things are and how things work, she has thought of everything which is wonderful.

They have been so kind and generous to us, so we took them out for a meal at The Fiddler. This large colonial style building has quite a history. Being built in the late 1820s as a coach house (apparently by convicts), it has changed hands, changed usage and changed names. As well as a coach inn, pub and restaurant it has been someone’s home and also an antique shop in the 1950s. It has been called White Hart Inn, Royal Oak Inn, The Windsor Wayhouse, The Mean Fiddler Inn and now it has been smartened up (it used to be a bit of a dive), now called The Fiddler. The old part of the property is full of historical artefacts including a huge chandelier from a 1880s Parisian theatre, a church pulpit, lots of saddles and an old boat from Ireland and allegedly has a resident ghost.

We had a delicious meal – rump steak for Tim, Jane and Debs and Salmon for me, perfectly cooked with such a great effortless chat. Back here for more chats, more stroking of Jazz (Smudge was asleep) and then a great night’s sleep.

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