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Happy Days - Day 282

Great to catch up with my old school buddy who I have known since we were 11. Reminiscing on Happy Days!

Did we sail down the River Severn or down the Gloucester & Sharpness canal to bypass the tidal waters? Did we walk down to the longest village green in England or visit the Manor of Frampton, mentioned in the Domesday Book? No, none of that. We’d come to visit my old buddy Judith who I have known since we were 11 at school. She lives on Water Lily, her delightful narrowboat named after her Mum, which is moored at Saul Junction Marina near Frampton-on-Severn. We haven’t seen Judith for a few years now and quickly slipped into that comfortable banter as if we saw each other yesterday. She is so amazing, having travelled around England manoeuvring her long boat through tunnels and locks on her own for 15 months. She shared how she sadly noticed such a difference in London from 4 years ago when she made a similar trip. Now boats are docked up 3 abreast and many without their obligatory Canal and River trust licence. She noticed far more homeless people either sleeping rough under bridges or squatting in boats without the know how to use or care for them. So sad that our society has lost that sense of community and care for our fellow humans. And I see that in me. How often do I go and sit and chat with a homeless person? It was fascinating to hear all her adventures, travelling to Central America, spending time with her two sons tramping through the jungle spotting tree frogs. Her son Ed is studying these creatures for his PhD. Or walking the Camino de Santiago with a friend, shell on their rucksacks, chatting with people along the journey. They were lucky, no blisters or strained muscles along this arduous trip. We did venture out of the boat once for a walk, but the heaven decided to open its hosepipe and we were quickly getting drenched, so back for another cup of tea and more chatting. Such a wonderful day spending time with Judith. It’s funny how our lives have turned out from those two young girls with cheeky grins wearing straw boaters, neatly braided jackets with sleeves too long, and white ankle socks during the day transforming into our 60s mini dresses, fishnet tights, pointed ankle boots and black eye makeup pogoing in The Marque Club in Wardour Street, London watching punk and new wave bands with spit flying in the air. Happy days!

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