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Giggles and Insights in Urubamba – Day 484

While staying in Urubamba, we were offered an added extra, not part of the Three Principles Retreat. It was to take Plant Medicine to explore our inner space, connect with Nature and learn from deep within ourselves. It also gave certain people the giggles plus some insights.

Andy, our organiser, introduced us to a delightful Aussie lady Alex who has trained as a Shaman for the last 5 years and was going to give us some transformative medicine and perform a healing ceremony with us. She explained the natural drug we were going to take, putting many people at ease, so much so that all bar two of the group took part.

The next day, we met in the garden. Luckily it was a beautiful day, the sun was shining, and we sat in a large circle, expectantly. We all had sunscreen, hats and bottles of water and given a boiled sweet to take later.

Alex gave us our instructions; before taking the medicine, ask it a question that you want answering, then once taking the 50ml from the sacred cup, drink a sip of water and suck the sweet. The next 2 hours were to be in silence, and we could go anywhere in the garden in our own space.

Andy went first and pulled a dreadful face. I assumed it didn’t taste pleasant. After a few people drinking the stuff, it was Tim’s turn then mine. Yes, it was bitter but not as bad as I thought it was going to be.

We all went off. Tim and I plonked ourselves on a swing chair, but shortly, the medicine was taking effect, and I couldn’t bear the rocking sensation, so sat on the floor.

If you know me well, then you would know that I don’t drink much alcohol. It doesn’t take much for me to get giggly, half a glass, I am a cheap date. I have never liked the sensation of being out of control or the spinning room syndrome. I was somewhat taken aback that this was exactly how I felt. I breathed slowly and calmly, allowing the feeling to dissolve gradually.

I am not sure how it started, but Tim and I got the giggles, in fact, hysterical giggles. Each time one of us paused the other started up again. In the end I got up, still laughing, to move from the situation as I didn’t want to disturb others around me. My giggles carried on for most of the day!

I found a quiet spot by the gurgling stream and sat quietly. I noticed dead leaves from the fig tree above were weighing down on a delicate fern and spent time taking them off. It was like a metaphor of how people are weighed down by other people’s stuff. My mind was imagining people realising this through the understanding of the Three Principles, and being able to let go of their suffering quickly and easily.

Soon it was lunchtime, and I was ravenous. We were only allowed to have some fruit, bread and water. I didn’t spend too long by the food – I couldn’t stop laughing. Just looking at certainly lovely people in the group set me off again.

Both Tim and my sensory acuity was heightened. Sounds were much louder and more precise, colours brighter, and we noticed every subtle movement of birds and butterflies fluttering around. I collected our camera as it takes beautiful close-up photos and spent time capturing the essence of this beautiful garden. I was thrilled to snap a shot of a hummingbird drinking from a flower.

The day ended with us all gathering together in a room, lying on mats, relaxing while Alex gave us a Sound Healing session for the final component to this incredible day. She started with playing eight healing crystal bowls, then singing with her amazing deep melodic voice and playing the violin. I was so relaxed that my body felt non-existent and it was as if I was floating on white fluffy clouds.

Despite the day being incredible, both Tim and I wouldn’t do it again. We don’t need to. As Tim said the next day in our group, he didn’t need the medicine to have such an experience, we can have these without any drugs.

It was fascinating listening to the range of experiences from the rest of the group. Some didn’t think that the medicine worked the day before, yet then had powerful insights. Others connected with nature in an extraordinary way. A few let go of wounds and sufferings they’d been holding on to.

This medicine enables people to go beyond their personal minds. It quietens the chatter, alters their state of consciousness so they can hear their own wisdom. As Tim said, we don’t need medicine to do this, we don’t need drugs, alcohol, even meditation. Our universal intelligence, soul, subconscious, God, whatever you label this formless energy, is there always. It is us. Innocently we obscure this innate power with our clouded thinking.

And if you are curious as to what the medicine was, it’s substance from the San Pedro cactus, legal in Peru.

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