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Getting out of the way (Day 230)

Sometimes I need a reminder that things always work out ok, especially when I am getting out of the way.

The other day I was trying to book our next train journey to Busan from Suncheon. We have a tourist train pass whereby we can have 2 train rides within 10 days at a reduced price. The website just wouldn’t work and I got rather frustrated. Tim had a go and he also couldn’t get it to work. I was also trying to book a tour in Suncheon. That didn’t work either. I went to bed, and as my frustration melted away and I relaxed, I realised that we could sort this all out when we get to our next destination. I quickly nodded off to slumberland. Today, while having breakfast, I looked at the weather forecast. The typhoon had luckily missed us and moved to Busan. The weather was not looking good there for the next week. I fathomed that we could go to a different place after Suncheon. Doh! We looked at the map, checked out the weather and now are going to Daejeon instead. Good job I couldn’t buy that train ticket! We said a fond farewell to Magnus, the lovely Doctor from Sweden and our manager from the hostel, JaeHyeon who gave us 1st class customer service. On the way to the station, we stopped off at the hairdresser. Tim’s hair was starting to curl a bit so he wanted a trim. A delightful young hairdresser gave me an iced tea, cut Tim’s hair, insisted on washing it at no extra charge and then trimmed his beard. Sideburns have gone (which our boys are pleased about) and, I must stay, it’s taken years off him. An hour later we had arrived in a rather wet Suncheon. We needed to get to the train station to reserve our ticket and after a while decided to get a taxi, but none would stop for us. A young lady asked if we needed help and took us to the taxi rank and insisted on staying with us until we got in the taxi. How lovely is that! We arrived at the station, then decided to drop our bags off at the Hostel which was just a walk across a zebra crossing and around the corner. The rest of the afternoon was spent walking over that zebra crossing numerous times, getting lunch, returning to the Hostel to get our train pass, going to the station etc. I now know that zebra crossing like the back of my hand. During all these trips, we decided to stay another night here so we can explore more places, not get a tour, but use the public buses and get a train to Daejeon on Friday instead. The remainder of the day was sleeping, reading, going for a delicious meal with tons of kimchi dishes and having an evening stroll to get my 10,000 steps in. So my learning for today is if things are not working out, don’t waste your time getting into a stew. Leave it. Things always seem to naturally work out for the best when we get out of our own way.

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