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From a Haystack to Luscious Locks

Days 818 – 819

A couple of days with no sightseeing, some domestic chores, meeting lovely people and having my haystack of hair turn magically to luscious locks!

After getting up early for our 6:30 am taxi, we arrived at Lien Khuong Airport to be dismayed that our Jetstar flight had been cancelled. Seeing our disappointment, the assistant had a quick word with the neighbouring desk and managed to add us onto the Vietnam Airways flight. How lucky were we!

And who should we bump into – Jean-Pierre who was on our Countryside Tour. Weirdly, we never saw him again once we queued for the flight, we were sure he was also going to Ho Chi Minh.

We arrived at Common Inn to be greeted by lovely Queenie the receptionist. The people in Vietnam are so friendly and helpful. Even though it was 10:30 am, she allowed us to check-in early. Washing and lunch sorted, next on the list was sending a box to England; full of our handmade lanterns and some clothes that Jac had made in Hoi An.

The Post Office

Jac took a risk and used VietPost rather than international courier service. We had been pleased with our experience with the local postal service when our passports were posted from Hanoi to Tam Coc.

When posting packages, it is best to keep them open so that the contents can be checked. Unfortunately, Jac had already sealed the box before I had read this, but, as she had listed all the items and had photos for most of them, the Postal lady allowed her box through.

Numerous forms had to be filled to complete the process, the box can be tracked, so fingers crossed that it all arrives safe and sound at our sister Dawn’s place within a month.

The rest of the day was relaxing, seeing an amazing orange sunset from the rooftop commune area, eating good food and an early night.

Our next day, we popped over to Ben and Myriam’s (Dawn’s friends who have welcomed us with open arms). Ben’s god-daughter Tallulah had arrived to be with them for a few months, a lovely young lady who used to live on the same road as Tim’s sister. It’s a small world!

J-first Saigon Hair Salon

My hair was resembling a dried up haystack, so I found a nearby hair salon with good reviews for a deep treatment. What a treat! I was there for two hours with the talented Tsubasa Inubashiri from Japan and his young local assistant attending me and my hair. As none of us could chat with one another, they carried out their work in silence – ah – peace!

First, they gently combed the knots out. While covering my hair in conditioning liquid, I wore a collar with a deep ridge to collect the excess fluid and later dip my long locks in. To my surprise, I had a couch to lay on while having my hair washed and massaged. What a great idea – far more comfortable than the usual bending-the-neck-back over a sink.

Hair dried and trimmed, I looked like a new woman. The colour seems richer, the texture softer, and I look younger. Needless to say, I was one delighted lady.

Boys Toys

After lunch with Tim, we returned to Ben and Myriam’s where Jac had stayed, busying herself with some delicate clothes washing, and finding little tasks to do to help Ben and Myriam out. Jac really is a trooper with a big heart.

Myriam had returned with the children, Mae and Jude, and the kids were thrilled with the gifts Jac had got them, a little silk lantern and fan for Mae and a Robot car for Jude. It needed batteries, so Tim popped down to buy some. Jude turn the vehicle on and - lights flashes, whirling sounds blared, and the car whizzed around noisily transforming from car to robot. Jude’s eye lit up and he was thrilled. Myriam’s eyes didn’t quite match his glee, and I cannot imagine Ben’s will either!

I needed to get back as I had a client to coach (the wonders of technology) and reminded Jac and Tim to be back in plenty of time to meet our guests.

New Friends

At 6:30 pm, I waited in the Foyer. After a few minutes, Peter, who I “met” on Facebook, through my cousin Deirdre, arrived with his wife, Loan, and their gorgeous children Sara, Susan and Willy. We introduced ourselves and very quickly the conversation flowed, sharing stories and experiences.

Jac and Tim rushed in, quickly offloading washing in our rooms, and came to join us. We popped next door for a drink and ended up there until closing time, with Jac and Loan chatting away, Peter sharing some life stories and Vietnamese culture to Tim with Willy listening intently, and Sara and Susan talking about their studies with me. I love moments like this when time flows by, chatting with lovely people and getting to know them. I hope we have a window to meet up again before we depart to Cambodia.

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