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Filthy In Granada? Surely Not - Day 539

Two taxi drivers; a beneficial chat with one, the other yelling "filthy"at us. Really? Oh well, a lovely short stay in Granada.

Our taxi arrived to take us down to hire a car in town ready for our trip to Granada and León. Eve is brilliant at chatting with anyone, and that certainly has its benefits. Through their conversation, our taxi driver announced that he had a Toyota 4Runner that we could hire. Fab. The price was agreed, Tim checked over the car and off we went. Granada, here we come.

Eve was the map reader while Nathalie and I looked after Zoe, the dog, in the back. She is very well behaved but does tend to walk all over us both for the 2 hours drive. We finally arrived in this rich colonial and colourful city, founded in 1524.

After finding our hotel and having lunch, we strolled around admiring the preserved architecture. Zoe did her business and, as Eve picked up the dog poo with her hand wrapped in a plastic bag, a taxi driver yelled out of his window "Cochina" with a look of disgust on his face! I am sure you can imagine that since then the four of us say "cochina" at any opportunity with much laughter. They obviously don't pick up their dog poo here...yet.

At dusk, we visited the Iglesia La Merced church built in 1534, with a bit of a history of being damaged, either by pirates or soldiers. As we entered the church, there was a strange statue lying down in a glass case. Its naked body in a rather provocative pose wore a long black wig and a frilly white satin skirt. To our astonishment, it was Jesus after his crucifixion!

We climbed the dark spiral steps of the bell tower to reach the panoramic view of Granada, with its many terracota roman tiled roofs. What a sight we were greeted with. Perfect timing as the sun was setting and peaking through the glass windows of the church dome.

Eve recommended an Israeli restaurant and the waitress Rebecca greeted her warmly. This happens a lot, Eve is so friendly and engaging. We are very lucky to have met her. Our meal was delicious and the pitta bread the best I have ever tasted. What a find.

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