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Cutlery, Cars and great Company (Day 270)

A relaxing day, some mooching and weird conversations of cutlery. And cars and great company.

Being with Tim and his brother is such fun. They have in-depth conversations about weird, wonderful, and I must say, at times banal things…such as at the breakfast table they discussed what cutlery is required for toast and jam and how to use these. Honestly, it when on for ages, and of course, the conversation turned more ridiculous as it proceeded with much laughter. Who would have thought that breakfast cutlery could be so fascinating? Later in the day, Tim, Mike and Alex went to Mercedes-Benz World, at the historic Brooklands motor racing circuit in Weybridge. ‘An experience on every level’. I decided to stay put to have a chat with a friend and sort out some admin. So over to Tim: “The place housed lots of vehicles in historical order, including the 1886 Benz patent model car, which is widely regarded as the first production automobile.” What did you find fascinating Tim? “There were some beautiful looking cars and a great display of a Mercedes formula one car with 3,200 parts, and it was as if the car had been dissected and hanging in mid-air.” The three of them went to the viewing area and watched people having experiences on the test track. Alex thought it was very exciting seeing cars skidding around on the damp track. No doubt he will be having a go when he is a little older! There were some simulators where you could sit and pretend to drive a formula one car. Alex had a go on the mini version and when he had finished, he looked so excited and said: “I couldn’t blink”. Each lap he was getting quicker and quicker, and ended up being 6th on the leaderboard. Well done Alex. They returned and after lunch, my sister Jac and husband Simon turned up as I am spending the next few days with my sisters at our Aunt’s in Frinton-on-Sea. On the way back to their house, we popped into Simon’s sister’s place to see them and his Mum and Dad. I haven’t seen his parents for years and so nice to see them. I am very fond of them and remember them being very kind to me years ago during a troubled time. They really are remarkable; Philip is 97 and Pauline is 86 and still drives. Despite their frailties, they push themselves and had just returned from a Mediterranean cruise! We had such a lovely chat with them all, a lot of conversations about travelling…and Trump! Back at Jac’s and it was like Christmas. I had been buying a few things online for the wedding next week and also for our next journey: I needed to replace my phone cover, Fitbit strap and Fit Flop sandals that had all disintegrated, a new cardi to replace the heavy fleece that made me too hot, and some snazzy sandals for the wedding. Sadly a dress for the wedding I had bought online was like a tent and my other choice still hasn’t turned up. Mmm…let’s hope it does in the next few days otherwise the tent it is!

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