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Book, Bedding and Boats (Day 99)

Plans can often change at the last minute. This change to the plan worked beautifully, gave us more time with meeting Judy, more time shopping and more time in the evening with Robin. Voila!

Judy contacted me last year after she read my book “Got It”. I was so chuffed she took the effort to contact me. She enjoyed the read, it had a positive impact for her and she “got it”! We had a Skype and I found out that she lived in New Zealand. Later after hearing about our travels, she invited us over. I jumped at the chance. Tim and I love to meet new people and it’s always very special when there is an immediate connection such as 3 Principles.

We were going to see Judy in the afternoon, and then she needed to go to an appointment at 2pm, so I suggested we left in 15 minutes and drive over mid- morning. Being open to change when travelling is key. And we always find that it all works out for the best.

What a lovely time we had. Judy is part of a story telling group and she shared some wonderful stories about mishaps that have happened in her life, however how she shared these were so comical plus with a great message. I won’t go into the stories – they are hers to tell, however in one, she was in a lot of pain and could see that when she was reprimanding herself, noticed that the intensity of the pain went up, and when she was being grateful that she’s survived and the medical staff were wonderful, the pain intensity went down. She could see the amazing connection with thought and feeling in the moment. I loved the way she could laugh at herself – it is so great not to take ourselves so seriously.

We had lunch and met her lovely husband and daughter. They had moved their beautiful 100 year old house a few years back – we were intrigued. This just doesn’t happen in Britain. Moving a house! The house is emptied, sometimes cut in half depending on the size, secured, loaded onto a huge truck and moved. At the other end, there is a lot of work, re-plastering etc, however you have your home from home still.

After saying our goodbyes, we headed off to Kmart. We are leaving Christchurch tomorrow and will be heading round the rest of the South Island coast. As we don’t know if we can secure accommodation as some areas will be quite remote, we decided to buy some bedding so that we can sleep in the car if need be. A blow-up mattress, duvet, sheets and pillows were purchased. Mmm…We still don’t have an Airbnb for tomorrow night (2 people haven’t got back to us which is rare) so I think the bedding will come in handy. Good job Keith the Chrysler Car is roomy.

Robin got back from work, the weather had changed and the sun was shining. We popped in the car and headed for Port Hills. After a short climb up we reached the top for a 360 degree view overlooking Christchurch, the Bays of Pegasus, Governors and Charteris, Quail Island, and in the very far distance, Kaikoura, where we had seen the Whale and Dolphins last week. Spectacular.

Next stop was Lyttleton, a small harbour town, and we were greeted with 3 large ships docked there. Diana waiting for its cargo of logs to be loaded, Joides Resolution, a scientific drilling ship was in for repairs and Chinare, which I think is an Icebreaking Ship was docked. Time for well-deserved Fish and Chips at the Fisherman’s Wharf which was delicious. Monk Fish in batter, nice very long chips (I won the long chip competition) and succulent salad which was so nice I made a point of thanking the waitress. So often the salad is a bit of limp lettuce, dried up slice of cucumber and acid tasting tomato slice. This salad was shredded carrot, cabbage, lettuce etc with seeds and a nice dressing. Yum.

A thoroughly enjoyable time in Christchurch – definitely a great place to live (apart from the Earthquakes). Vibrant, Arty, nice cafes and a varied great outdoor life with Parks, Beach, Harbour and hills on your doorstep…and lovely friends.

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