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Big Corn Island - Days 551 - 553

Most people get to Big Corn Island by aeroplane. When you have a tight budget, a sense of adventure and a dog, the 7-hour ferry journey on paper seems like a good idea.

With our bags, fruit and Zoe in stow, we sat along a narrow bench ready for the long haul. Luckily Nat had lent me Michelle Obama's doorstep of a book which kept me occupied (and I highly recommend).

The sail was long, slow and relatively rough with quite a big swell and we finally arrived on a very wet Corn Island, our taxi drove at the speed of light to our "Ocean View" accommodation. Photos can be very deceptive, and our room sadly didn't quite match our impression when booking. The advertised "dishwasher" turned out to be a kitchen sink!

Nat, Tim and I did find a great "Relax" cafe in the evening and the owner's son Otto made us feel so welcomed that we went there for breakfast the next two mornings for his Mum Marlene's famous pancakes with butter rum syrup.

Our first full day was rain, rain and more rain. We had a delightful conversation with a local old boy, Dorsey, listening to his stories in his Carribean drawl. His ancestors included the Campbells from Scotland. He offered to take us all snorkelling (at a small cost). Nat and Eve succumbed, a great idea in the rain.

Unfortunately, the last time I swam, it aggravated my knee, so I offered to look after Zoe with Tim joining me. The ladies' swim sounded terrific, seeing coral reefs, shoals of electric blue fish, Angelfish and a stingray.

The rest of the day was relaxing, playing cards. Nat kindly went out in the storm to buy dinner. 'Drowned Rat' doesn't come close! The next day we had planned to catch a panga, a small open speedboat, to Little Corn Island. With no motor vehicles, little electricity and living in a tin shack, this island that only takes an hour to walk around, sounded perfect.. in the sun, but as the forecast was more rain, we changed our plans.

We found an alternative place on the other side of Big Corn Island; a bit pricey, but so worth it. Zoe made friends with a gentle fluffy Alsatian called Niké. And what's that in the sky? A sliver of blue. Hurrah!

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