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Big Bird, Blubber and Bubbles - Day 334

On the water today to experience Big Bird, Blubber and Bubbles! What a day!

A gentle giant called Isaac picked us up and collected others before driving the long straight road to Walvis Bay. When we reached the harbour we noticed that the weather was a lot warmer. Although Swakopmund lies in a true desert, it does get a bitterly cold wind blowing from the Benguela current which gives it a different type of climate than the rest of Namibia. We climbed onto the Ocean Adventures catamaran and managed to find a seat right by the aft (as Tim called it, or was he a bit stern? lol). Within a minute Billy decided to join us. Billy was a large seal, not to mess with. What a size! He quickly gulped down some fish, then returned to the water.

We sailed out further into the bay with the large new container cranes to our right. I could see an enormous bird flying towards us then realised it was a Pelican. Our skipper Mossie gave a whistle and the huge pelican flew up from the water and landed on the front of the boat. It certain enjoyed the ride, sitting there for ages pruning its feathers and being the centre of attention. Eventually, it was rewarded with some fish from Oscar, one of the crew members.

Meanwhile, another seal was swimming by the side of the watercraft, popping its head up hoping for a morsel to snack on. We carried on further out of the bay, passed a large oil platform and various industrial liners. Suddenly I heard noises that sounded like large dogs barking and lambs bleating. I looked out to the left and along the shoreline were hundreds, if not thousands of seals. What a din! Mossie informed us that there are more seals in Namibia that people, and seeing this lot, I could believe it! Many of the seals were playing, diving and jumping in the water. It looked like a kindergarten with lots of children having fun. As well as seals we saw Bottle-nosed dolphins feeding, sadly no majestic sights of them swimming in the wake of the boat as we saw in New Zealand. Also potentially sightings of Sun-fish and whales can be seen, but, alas, not today.

During our ride, Oscar was busy opening fresh oysters for us to eat. Mossie asked the group who didn’t like oysters and probably half the group raised their hands. He then asked who had never tried eating an Oyster. It certainly looked like the same people! He strongly recommended having a taste as he believed that the Namibian Oysters were the best in the world. When we tasted them, I have to agree with Mossie. They were delicious. Not slimy at all, quite meaty. And to help the oysters down, we were also given a glass (or 3) of sparkling wine.

Now those of you who know me will know the effects of 3 glasses of wine….and during the day as well!! Not much happened after that, oh, apart from the biggest seal I have ever seen flop himself onto the back of the vessel, nudge his way past people to get to Oscar, or should I say, Oscar’s bucket of fish. Mossie then encouraged a few of us to also feed this great big Cape Fur Seal and of course, I had to have a go. Eventually, some fish were thrown into the sea and this great big creature hauled himself over the railing into the water.

Isaac was waiting for us at the waterfront and drove us back to Swakopmund. I am sure I must have dozed off on the bus and when we got back, had a sleep in the afternoon (I very rarely sleep during the day, unlike Tim). That fizzy wine certainly knocked me out.

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