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Beachcombing, Biking and a Boogie on Big Corn - Day 554

There are certain days on our travels that will be remembered for many years to come. Day 554 is one of them: Beachcombing, Biking and a Boogie on Big Corn.

The beach across the road was beautiful, pale golden sand with clear blue water, that is except for the rubbish. There wasn't much, but the plastic bottles, lids, polystyrene and crisp packets spoilt the serenity.

While Nat had a good swim in the sea, I collected rubbish with the occasional throwing of stick to keep Zoe occupied. Tim joined me later, and we quickly filled the black bin liner; so satisfying.

As a reward, we took a dip into the Caribbean sea, now calm after the storm. I am not usually keen swimming in the sea, especially if it is cold with poor visibility. However, this was perfect: warm and clear.

After lunch, the four of us hired bikes to explore the island. Oh, what fun. We passed beautiful coved beaches, newly created swamps, pigs, and Daisy, the cow.

We rode up muddy, rocky tracks where I must say, I was chuffed at my mountain biking ability. I managed to reach the peaks and stay on the bike despite the rugged terrain. The rain appeared for a short while; just what we needed, cooling and refreshing our sticky hot bodies.

We eventually found a paved road and while cycling through a hamlet, three dogs started chasing me, biting at the tyres. I quickly applied my brakes and climbed off the bike, keeping it between me and their jaws. Thankfully some locals yelled at the dogs, and they slinked off with tails firmly between their legs, leaving a very relieved me.

Soon, Tim spotted a shack selling slices of Watermelon. This delicious red fruit takes years off you. Well, I look about eight years old in the photo! After passing the small aerodrome, the ferry port, where we bought water for our long ferry journey the next day, I did notice some weird looks while cycling back to our accommodation. I can't think why.

The evening was priceless. Mike, the owner, had some great music playing at the bar, so I immediately got in the groove. He and another guest Rick looked quite shocked at this mid-aged woman "Shaking yer arse" to Fat Boy Slim. Eve and Nat quickly joined in, completing this wonderful day perfectly.

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