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Bargain Buses Day 535-537

A couple more chilled out days and then three buses the bargain hunters arrived in yet another country. What did they forget this time?

A couple more days of swimming in the pool, reading, relaxing and having wonderful chats with Maria our host about the flow of life, we feel recouped. Also, great news for us, we managed to secure a Trusted Housesitters in Bristol for July looking after two gorgeous dogs. Hurrah!

Day 537 we were on the road again to our next country. After saying goodbye to the four dogs, Maria generously gave us a lift into Liberia where we caught a bus to the Nicaraguan border.

Before going to a new country, we have a list of reminders. It does help to check this beforehand! As I reached passport control I remembered that I didn't have our onward address. We are always asked for that. Luckily the border officer let us off.

Two more buses, on the second we had to get on the back as it was packed. The bus conductor was hanging off the end, helping people with their luggage. One elderly man got off and had many packs of large Coke bottles. How he was going to get home, we'll never know. Another man had a massive length of corrugated aluminium which was dragged off the top of the bus and was so heavy the conductor allowed it to fall, with it crashing down and the man standing there on his own scratching his head with a look of "how the heck am I going to carry this?"

We arrived after spending under $10 between us instead of the $76 that we were going to pay if we had travelled by coach. What a great saving. This is all thanks to a conversation we had with Sue and Stuart Norman, fellow travellers, where they explained that they and their daughter Annabel travel the cheapest way, making it part of their travelling adventure. how inspiring and great for the budget.

And now our next adventure begins. Here we are by the Pacific Ocean again, further north in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua. Walking down the road looking for an ATM we heard "Hola". Eve had found us, we've come to stay with her and her sister for a bit.

A reminder, we met Eve on our Safari in South Africa and kept in touch. She is from Seattle and also loves travelling. The time was right for a walkabout, and she ended up in Nicaragua, with her sister Nathalie joining her.

I wonder what this country will bring.

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