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An old friend met in a far country is like rain after a drought (Chinese Proverb)

Day 803 Part 1

It’s lovely to meet up with old friends and meet new ones too. According to Tim and Lindsey, it’s all part of the Grown-Up Traveller’s experience.

My (Jac) daughter Abi had an old school friend Matt working with his fiancé in a school here in Ho Chi Minh and they kindly agreed to meet up. I know Matt’s family as his Mum Christine used to bring him to a toddler group I run at St Paul’s in Dorking. His Dad Michael is an excellent musician and for a short time, my husband Simon played in a band with him. Matt’s brother David (also a talented musician) is an old friend of our son Joel.

We met Matt & Sian near our accommodation for coffee. It was great sharing travelling stories. They have very good jobs at the British International School and have taken advantage of being in the Far East by discovering new places whenever they can. They kindly gave us great tips that I’m sure will enhance our travels.

What a special couple, it was great to hear about their work at the school and about their forthcoming Wedding in the UK in July. We hope they have a wonderful day and wish them many blessings for their future together.

We went off to the War museum (see Day 803, Part 2) and afterwards found ourselves wandering around the locality in search of supper.

Tim had found Hum, a great sounding Veggie restaurant on Google Maps. On seeing it closed for TET, we shared our disappointment with a hungry young man who happened to arrive at the same time as us to eat there.

Introductions complete, Adam found another restaurant with us in tow, also closed. What to do? Eventually, he asked a security guard who pointed down an alleyway. We had no other alternative so ventured down to find a sweet looking place - Le Mekong.

What a lovely evening; the food was delicious, and we were fascinated to hear about Adam’s life. Having been born to a teacher and magician in Margate, he was then raised in the Algarve, Portugal, and went to University in the UK. With his passion for life and people, his charm, good looks and perfectly posh English, we can see how he has ended up working for the British Council in Thailand!

He has had visa issues; hence an enforced stay in Vietnam while they were being sorted. Again it was great to share travelling stories and pick up recommendations for places we may visit, as well as hearing interesting insights to Adam’s work and a better understanding as to what the British Council does.

He was another lovely young person to share our lives with.

The evening was concluded with us all admiring the restaurant’s decor and being serenaded by Phuoc the owners' 12-year-old son. Having been cajoled by his father to play the piano for us, he enjoyed playing all those practise pieces we recognised from our lessons many moons ago, so much, so he had to be urged to stop!

We said goodbye to Adam, not expecting to see him again unless we happen to bump into him at the Punk bar in Chiang Mai later on in our travels.

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