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An hour with Shelley (Day 147)

Not much of a travel-log today as we didn't go anywhere, but hey, travellers still need to do some tasks as well as seeing amazing places and meeting amazing people. Well, we did meet an amazing person on Skype.

Tasks, Tasks, Tasks – today consisted mainly of getting on with a number of tasks that have been left on our Wunderlist (a great list App which we started using when we had so much to do when selling our house) – oh so satisfying when I can tick that little box and the item disappears. However it is also amazing how I can waste time. If we are going out early and I haven’t written my post the night before, I crack on and “get it done now” which was my Dad’s favourite catchphrase, however days like today when we had nothing planned, wow post 146 took a long time to write. And I enjoyed every moment. So does it matter? Nah!

These tasks consisted of sewing up my harem trousers and rethreading the belt (there was a split in the seam so I was exposing myself somewhat!), cancelling subscriptions, arranging books to be posted, various other admin and housework bits and bobs. And of course, having lots of strokes with Jazz and Smudge (the real one who has NO kittens – please – that was an April Fools’ joke!). They are such characters and I’ve never known such chatty kitty cats. We have lots of conversations about all manner of things. Time flies when you’re having fun!

Later in the day Tim and I had a Skype session with my network friend Shelley Röstlund who is a brilliant Digital Consultant at @Social.Intelligence. We want to get @GrownUpTravellers more active so that we can inspire other middle aged people to have the GUTs to travel the world (see what I did there!). What a great session with her – she is worth her weight in gold. As well as being really informative, we had a fun time, imagining doing little videos on day 13,000! Now that really would be amazing!

I wonder what life will be like then. Will Facebook still exist? When I think how life was like in 1983 – wow! I was 22 then, just married for the first time, a tiny punky young lady working in the city, getting away with wearing winkle picker boots and fishnet tights! We had no computers on our desks, only gigantic mainframes the size of a large room. If you were lucky enough to have a computer, Microsoft launched Word in that year and Apple launched the first mass market computer with a graphical user interface (whatever one of those are). Do you remember its name? Of course there was no social media – a very different world with regards to technology – so what will happen in the next 35 years?

After our session, I got going with some of the actions that Shelley recommended. Nothing like taking action once you know what to do. At last I’ve managed to get the social media buttons correctly connecting on our website as well as googlefying it! Please do share our website with any of your friends that would love to travel more…watch this space with some future activity on the site, as well as Pinterest and Instagram, sharing travel tips for the more mature backpacker!

The key thing is to keep social media being fun and that we are connecting with people. We don’t want this to our time. We have places to see, people to meet, life to experience as well as having a nice G & T – Cheers!

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