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A Day's Holiday with a fusion of Steampunk and Cake? - Day 369

Today was like having a day's Holiday with a fusion of Steampunk and Cake!

Yes, I know a lot of people think that we are on one big, continuous holiday. May I assure you we are not. We are travellers, #GrownUpTravellers is our way of life. What makes today like a holiday? Well, for a start, we are staying at Old Mac Daddy, a caravan site and holiday spot with a difference, set in a fruit farm in the Elgin Valley on beautiful pine-clad slopes. The difference is that some of the accommodation is in themed, vintage Airstream caravans. Ours is called “Love Cake…I do”.

Our friends Sue and John recommended this place to us; they stayed in a caravan called “Life before Colour”, and we thought the place looked like fun. There are 12 themed vans here, all uniquely designed by Cape Town’s top artists and designers apparently! Some other themes are “Give Bees a Chance”, “Yellow Submarine”, “Private Life of Plants” and “The Dream”. If you designed one, what would the theme be and what would you call it?

Our caravan is very kitschy. It was designed by Charly's Bakery and Friends, based in Cape Town (we’ll have to visit them - the place looks as crazy as our caravan), and is a fusion of steampunk and sugar. The irony is that we’ve given up sugar (well nearly). It is decked out with bright pink and white striped cushions, matching pink curtains with LOVE in black. There’s a small table with cake collectables in a printers tray, cake tins from Charly’s Bakery, and a chandelier with various cake trinkets. Some of the cushions have been cross-stitched by artist Lauren Fowler, and the kitchen’s custom-made cupboard doors have gingerbread people cut out. We also have steampunk barometers, cogs and a mirror surrounded by a shredded tyre. Mad or what!

So today we were on holiday, Chatting and chilling, Resting and reading, we managed to get off of our buts and walked down to the lake, more chatting and chilling, then had a wonderfully relaxing massage (where the masseur commented how soft my skin was). Ahhhh.

Early evening I had a Skype with a friend who I met in France a few years back. We haven’t spoken in over a year, so it was lovely to catch up. As she is not on Facebook, she was curious to know about our travels and asked an interesting question. “What do you like about travelling?” My immediate response was that I love seeing such incredible sights and meeting interesting people. And then I stopped and thought deeper. My body and mind are so relaxed, and I realise that I don’t have all the baggage, both metaphorically and physically around me now. No insecurities, no clutter, no lists of things that “have” to be done. I also recognise that I live in the now. When we have a conversation with each other or another person, we are there with them, listening. Beforehand, apart from when I was coaching, I wasn’t so present, always thinking what needed to be done and letting my mind take over. Now, we hardly plan and really live from day to day. Freedom. And I really do feel so grateful that we live this way.

After our chat, we went for a delicious dinner. Now we are waiting for a skype with our youngest son. What a lovely day’s holiday. We all need a rest once in a while, even from travelling.

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