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A day of 3pArts (Day 159)

Meeting people, chatting about how we have a human experience, Art and then being in Flow - a day of 3pArts!

Time was ticking, we needed to catch a train, so we got everything ready, zoomed down to the beach, 20 minute dog walk, and off we went. Missed the train, however luckily they are very regular here – a great service. Tim and I are having such enriching conversations recently and on the train the subject of whether we have free will came up, I really value these discussions. We got off at Armadale station and just in front of us was a very pretty parade of shops with the Walk Don't Run Cafe in front of us. We ordered a coffee and then a beautiful young lady with dark hair and groovy sporty black outfit turned up. It was Rochelle who we’d organised to meet. I’d “met” Rochelle on…you’ve guessed it – Facebook, and as soon as she knew that we were in Australia, she connected and suggested meeting up. How lovely is that! And she is beautiful inside and out, passionate about enabling people to live a healthy life, coaching from a 3P perspective and combining this with movement and functional fitness training.

We ordered lunch. The café focusses on mindful eating, using fresh healthy and organic ingredients. I decided to go for something different – Savoury rice porridge with broccoli, tofu, ginger, chilli, soy sauce, coriander, cooked in kombu stock, served with crispy shallots and a poached egg. Very filling and it did feel as if I had a rock in my stomach for the rest of the day! Tim and Rochelle were a bit more sensible with their Poke Bowl of warm green tea poached salmon with brown rice, kale and crispy shallots.

Our conversation was easy, we did far too much talking about our journey at the start, Rochelle is a very good listener, and then we both shared our journey into discovering the three principles and the effect that this understanding has had on us and clients. It is so wonderful to hear stories of people ridding themselves of anxiety, disorders, worries and have a life that flows. Yes we all get caught up in our thinking at times, the good thing is that we quickly can see the illusion of where our experience comes from, it only ever comes from within, and more importantly, when we realise that we are made from universal energy which is infinite, then things seem to effortlessly work out fine.

It was getting hot, so we went for a walk. Rochelle was running a session in the evening called Flow which is a fusion of Tai Chi and QiGong, and invited us along. Tim suggested that I went and he would go back to care for Murphy. We said our goodbyes and off we went to find some art.

We found Amagoa - Aboriginal & Modern Art Gallery of Australia. Wow, large aboriginal art of earthy tones and a compilation of dots that tell a story. There were some black and white ones as well which gave me the idea of having a go at creating my own piece of art in this style…Mmm… I need some practice.

Outside was the tramline, so we hopped on a tram into the city. I will say it again, a great service. Cheap and regular, what more do you want. The tram took us all the way to the NGV Melbourne, quite a drab building with a big curved opening, and beyond that a huge wall of water. Tim was fascinated with this, taking lots of photos whilst I wandered in.

We focussed on just the 2nd floor with 18th to 20th century artwork including familiar Surrealist artists such as Pablo Picasso and unfamiliar ones such as Sam Atyeo. It would be so fun to try out a painting in this weird and wonderful style. Perhaps that will be a goal for this week. Since Tim and I have dabbled in a tiny bit of artwork, we have appreciated more the talent, creativity and skill that these artists have. One of my favourite paintings, due to the absolute beauty and detail of it, was Queen Esther by Edwin Long. The detail was exquisite, for an example a bangle that a servant was holding looked so real with the gold casing and jewels gleaming. My photo doesn’t do justice.

The Gallery was closing so our visit was cut short. The appreciation of art continued as outside was a young girl Yui (see her instagram) displaying and selling her colourful Japanese pop art. We watched her for a short while, a bit like the Aboriginal Art, her work is time consuming and needing a lot of patience with all the flowers and dots.

Off for a quick bite to eat, and sat doing our own art drawings, Tim then caught the train back home whilst I hung around, playing with my dots on paper and then got the tram to Rochelle’s.

When I arrived she was with a client, so chatted to her beautiful daughter Tia. She is 12 but seems so much older. I had watched a video of her on Facebook singing in a competition, a soft tender voice. I thought she was more like 16. We had a lovely chat about life in general, then Rochelle came and got me for our Flow session. She has a spacious and beautiful basement she works in. Light, white with large bright pieces of artwork. There were 4 of us on our mats, gentle music played in the background, and Rochelle with her calm and soothing voice, instructed us what to do. Our bodies flowed continuously, I imagined a piece of string connecting me to her so that I could easily follow the movements. Gentle, sweeping actions, I particularly liked the one where our palms faced up and we had to imagine keeping a coffee cup and cake safe on them whilst doing brood waves up and through our arms.

The session finished, chatting with Rochelle and a lovely lady Maki who is going back to Japan soon to see her family, We had a laugh about me learning Japanese and Maki taught me how to say” Where is the toilet” Toire wa dokodesu ka. Phew – glad I know that – will be useful I’m sure! She then kindly dropped me off at the station and the train arrived simultaneously to me. Unfortunately due to track works it was only going to the station just before Seaford, but they did have a coach waiting for us. The journey passed quickly as I chatted to a nice lady about all kinds of things, war, sexually transmitted diseases (she was a nurse), Chinese culture and students travelling abroad. Back home after a lovely day of 3 parts – 3p conversation with Rochelle, Art and then Flow – 3pArts (See what I did there?!). After all that flowing, I feel knackered…Night night zzzzz!

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