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6 bags and a boot full - Day 278-281

When we left the UK 281 days ago, we left a loft chockablock full with boxes – how come we had so much stuff still after doing a number of car boots, many charity runs and selling on eBay? I have not a clue.

We happily travel with 7kg of luggage each, not missing a thing. There is still far too much stuff hoarded away in that loft. Now for action. The last few days have mainly been opening, sorting through and moving boxes in a rather warm loft. Phew! One way of getting fit! We’ve not touched the boxes for the kitchen and bedding, the rest have been sorted, I’ve reduced my office stuff to half and the local charity shop now has a plethora of coaching books, files but, for some reason, wouldn’t take the bundle of coloured paper. My clothes - I’ve managed to reduce a bit – there’s still 10 skirts packed away. Do I really need 10 skirts? 5 for summer and 5 for winter. A lot less than I used to have. Where are all the tops to go with said skirts? Ah –in my rucksack! I do travel with quite a few. A girl needs different looks to go with her 2 skirts, reversible ones, of course!! (Was 3 but I have ditched the colourful one – was looking decidedly tatty.) And Tim? Mmm…there still seems to be quite a few boxes marked “electronics”. He assures me that he has decluttered them. I mean, how many cables and gadgets does a person need? Isn’t it funny the things that we can freely let go of and the things that we cling on to? And that’s not just material things. As a coach and being fairly self-aware, I am often amused by my own baggage that I still trundle around within my head. It is a whole lot lighter than it used to be, leaving a lot of freeing space in my mind now, a bit like our loft. Perhaps our loft is a metaphor for our minds. Oh well, at least we are 6 bags and a car boot full lighter now. To break up our day a bit, we popped around to John’s BodyCare Therapy

treatment room. Tim lay on the table whilst John prodded, pulled and poked and Tim yeowed, arghed and eeked” What’s with all the noise? Apparently, it hurts more when you have muscles! Again, John showed his professionalism and expertise and Tim could really notice the difference by the end of the session. Later in the evening John and Georgia treated us to a delicious meal at the Thali Restaurant in Clifton. The décor was eclectic with a bright mural on one wall and large grand old sepia photos of Indian men in their finest regalia with amazingly wide moustaches. We so enjoy our times with our sons and their girlfriends – very blessed. Very blessed indeed.

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