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About US

Hi and welcome to our travel site, We are a middle-aged couple, Lindsey and Tim from England, married back in 1992 with 2 wonderful grown-up sons. So how come we are travelling around the world? 

February 2016 our youngest son John and his girlfriend Georgia decided to go travelling for 4 months. When they reached New Zealand, they went to stay with some great friends of ours. We all had a Skype video call.  Seeing our son with our dear friend. "Hang on a minute, that should be us" we both thought. 

We had already felt it was time to downsize, so immediately decided to have a holiday in New Zealand to see our friends. Over the next couple of weeks, we independently realised that rather than a holiday, we would go travelling around the world. It was weird, a bit like telepathy, we didn't discuss this, it was an obvious next chapter in our lives.

So here we are, travelling the world and sharing our journey so that you also may be inspired to pack up sticks and go see the world.

Happy reading

With our warmest wishes

Lindsey and Tim

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